Financial Media Group Launches New E-Mail Marketing Platform to the securities industry

Financial Media Group, is a provider of online and direct marketing solutions for the financial industry through E-Mail marketing. It also provides effective recruitment solutions.

Online PR News – 06-December-2012 – Centennial, Colorado United States – Financial Media Group, which is the leading provider of direct marketing solutions for the financial industry launches its new E-mail Marketing Platform to provide you with effective recruitment solutions in the securities industry. Through this new service, endless possibilities are laid out for the entire securities industry to grab!

What are the features introduced in the New E-mail marketing Platform for recruiting agents?

1. Paperless Ads – The modern world uses technology on a daily basis. If you are still using a non-digital way of advertising your company and services, you are on the losing end. Bring to your advantage the technology around you. Go digital and earn a thumbs up from Mother Nature by going paperless!

2. Mobile Service – Through this new e-mail marketing platform, your company will be able to provide services anytime, anywhere! Advisors and agents may want to get as much information from you as possible and it could be in the most inconvenient of times. By having this new e-mail marketing platform, your information will be available to the advisors at any time of the day. You will be able to tap your prospects in insurance agent lists in the easiest way possible.

3. Customized Ads – The new e-mail marketing platform will provide you with an advertisement which specifically caters to your needs. As trained marketers, Financial Media Group can provide you with the most catchy ad statement. These recruitment solutions are very effective in attracting the best agents.

4. Eye-catching Graphics – Financial Media Group has in its employ the best graphic designers. This new e-mail marketing scheme can provide you with the best graphics that will definitely catch the attention of your desired target!

5. Instant Reaching Out – The new e-mail marketing platform guarantees that your offer will be instantly placed in the inbox of agents and advisors. This way, you can instantly reach your target insurance agent lists. If they find you good enough to suit their client’s needs, you will surely find new agents signing up with your organization.

6. Target Market – E-mail marketing has been a powerful tool to reach out as many people as possible. However, quantity alone does not amount to positive results. With the new e-mail marketing platform, you will be ensured that your advertisements reach your target market.

7. Service matching – The reason why you are not able to recruit agents is because there’s probably a mismatched search. This new e-mail marketing platform will directly match your services in the insurance agent lists according to the needs of the company. This way, your services will be provided directly to the people who exactly need them.

E-mail marketing is a powerful and cost-effective way to advertise. Make sure that you are not falling into just any other e-mail marketing schemes; they could be digital and cheap but they are ineffective. Financial Media Group employs professional teams and highly strategic methods to ensure that you get only the best services.
With the new e-mail marketing platform for the securities industry by Financial Media Group, your advertisements will not only reach your target market, it will surely be noticed!

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