Winter Training Technology by Cycling Fusion Comes To London

Cycling Fusion, a Pittsburgh, PA company, announced a partnership with its first health club to host Winter Training in the UK. Pedal Studio will join other cycling studios across the U.S.

Online PR News – 06-December-2012 – Pittsburgh, PA – Pittsburgh, PA, December 05, 2012 -- The Added Value of Cycling Fusion
Cycling Fusion is cycling-specific. It’s indoor training for outdoor cyclists. Unlike traditional Spinning type programs, which focus mainly on aerobic fitness. Currently true cycling training is usually only found at boutique dedicated studios that might offer only Indoor Cycling along with perhaps some Yoga or Pilates. Consequently it’s no surprise that the average outdoor cyclist does their own thing in the winter. Sometimes this amounts to just hanging up the bike, and accepting the winter pounds and de-conditioned body as just the way it is.

Why London, Why Pedal Studio?
Training starts on January 5th, 2013 at 11:00am EST. That puts the time at 4pm in the UK. It is broadcasted from the Cycling Fusion film & cycling studios in their Pittsburgh headquarters. So why would a studio all the way across the pond be interested in tuning in, especially with the 5 hour time difference? Andrew Clayton explains it this way:
“This type of structured cycling-specific training is sorely lacking at the average health club in the UK but at Pedal Studio® it is embraced within the periodized training schedule that Spinning® advocates and so it’s a natural fit except it holds a new and unique structured delivery method – via live broadcast. Pedal Studio® has more than its fair share of real cycling athletes, with its own Cycling and TriClub ( ProVo2), so it makes sense. To put a full blown program together like Cycling Fusion has done that offers virtual coaching from the bike complimented with amazing visuals and ride profiles and detailed performance tracking, would take more time and effort than any of the staff have available to deliver consistently at a price suited to the riders..” said Andrew Clayton, Founder & CEO, Pedal Studio® in Wimbledon & Putney, UK.

How it Works;
Cycling Fusion’s Winter Training program offers a road map to cycling specific strength and development expertise. It includes lectures, virtual cycling videos, on-bike training and cross training in multiple disciplines. Software tracks each cyclist’s progress on an ongoing basis, including daily and weekly training load; what the company explains is the key to dramatic results.

“If one wants the body to change, for either improved cycling performance or simple weight loss, one must provide enough stress to force the body to adapt, but not too much that it becomes demotivating or prone to injury. It's the combination of the faculty that leads the rides & lectures in combination with the technology unique to Cycling Fusion that makes this program so powerful. Winter Training is like an educational workshop combined with a cycling camp all done accompanied by a personal training session. More specifically, this amounts to 30 minutes of lecture, 1 hour of on-bike time (gradually increasing to 2 hours) and 30 minutes of cross training. When Spring rolls around after those 12 weeks, you feel like you are in mid-season form already, before the season even starts!” said Gene Nacey, Founder & CCO, Cycling Fusion

Ride Journal™ is the software used that does this with minimal user requirements. It has been a key part of Winter Training since it was developed in 2008 by the company. For 12 weeks, the software provides automated workout direction and tracking, increases and manages training load (during and between weekly sessions) and provides reports on each athletes progress.

Try Before You Buy
On December 15th, Cycling Fusion will be broadcasting a “Mock Winter Training” session for free so that interested cyclists and indoor riders alike can get an idea of just what is entailed. This will be a 2 hour session starting at 11:00 am EST (4pm London Time) on Saturday. One can watch from the convenience of home, just to get an idea of what it will be like (register here for that), or locals can come into Pedal Studio to experience it first hand.

For more information on Winter Training at the Pedal Studio in Wimbledon, you can check the Winter Training section of the company website, check the Pedal Studio website, or contact someone from the U.S. by phone at (877-312-5533) or email (customerservice at cyclingfusion dot com).

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