National Visas Launches Australian Citizenship Consultation Service

For people who come to Australia for work, there is a great chance for them to want to apply for citizenship.

Online PR News – 06-December-2012 – Melbourne, Victoria – Australia / / - For people who come to Australia for work, there is a great chance for them to want to apply for citizenship. Given the employment benefits the country gives to both immigrants and citizens and their families, the excellent working and living conditions, as well the as the environment and sites to see in Australia, an Australian citizenship is surely on their wish list.

With National Visas, this dream will be several steps closer to your grasp as this leading provider of Australian visas and immigration advice can help you with applying for Australian citizenship.

For you to apply for this, you must know first that there are three possible ways of obtaining Australian citizenship. Each of these comes with a specific set of requirements. One is by being born in Australia; second is by being born overseas to an Australian parent; and third is by immigrating to Australia.

Citizenship by being born in Australia

You can automatically be a citizen if you:

Were born in Australia before August 20, 1986;
Were born in Australia after August 20, 1986. However, it is required that one of your parents was an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident at the time you were born.
Spent in Australia the first 10 years of your life or satisfy the 10th birthday acquisition.

Citizenship by being born overseas to an Australian parent:

This method may make you an Australian citizen if you were born outside of Australia but one of your parents was an Australian citizen at the time that you were born. You can invoke the citizenship by descent though there are certain limitations and exceptions to this.

Citizenship by immigrating to Australia

To qualify for Australian citizen by immigrating to Australia, you:

Need to have been legally allowed to live in Australia for at least 4 years through a substantive visa which is either a temporary or permanent visa.
Must have physically stayed in Australia for at least three years of your four years of being allowed to stay in Australia.
In the last 12 months, you should have not stayed outside of Australia for more than three months.

Additional requirements include being of good character and understanding that you have obligations as an Australian citizen. You may also be asked to take a citizenship test to prove this. However, you will have a different set of requirements if you are only 16 years old and you want to apply for Australian citizenship through this method.

This method requires you to submit an application for Australian citizenship.

Should you need advice and expertise to make sure you lodge an accurate and complete application, engage the services of National Visas, the best in Australian visa and immigration advice. Its MARA-registered agents will help you through the entire process of applying for Australian citizenship and other visa categories.