WL Marketing Creates Keyword Promoter Package To Promote Client Products

WL Marketing has created a keyword promoter package that will help promote a client’s product or service. WL Marketing is already a well-known name in web promotion SEO submission services and their services cover all aspects of website optimization and promotion. This Package helps rank the client’s website higher on Google.

Online PR News – 02-April-2010 – – WL Marketing (www.wlmarketing.com) is well-known in the industry for offering web promotion SEO services. Its services “cover all aspects of website optimization and promotion,” and it has created a keyword promoter package to promote the clients’ products.

“If you are looking for a keyword to rank higher on Google, this is a good package for you,” says the spokesperson of WL Marketing.

The Package can be used for any of the client’s website pages. WL Marketing maintains that the change in ranking is noticeable within a month. The results achieved, of course, depend on the ‘toughness’ of the keyword and, as their spokesperson said, “it has worked quite well for our clients.”

Those opting for this Keyword Promoter Package receive the following services: 1,200 regular social bookmarking, 3x300 article marketing, and 200 press release submissions, among others.

Their spokesperson informed that through their 1,200 Regular Social Bookmarking service, WL Marketing will make a submission of the clients’ websites to the “aged accounts on social sites like stumbleupon/delicious/mix.”

This will be done over a period of six weeks to ensure links and divert traffic to the clients’ websites.

Through its 3x300 article marketing service, WL Marketing will write 3 articles about a client’s website for submission to sites, such as ezinearticles and isnare, among others. These articles will, of course, be submitted only after the client reviews them and approves them.

“This is a great way of getting you some ‘whitehat’ links for your keywords,” says their spokesperson. This process is expected to take around 15 days.

Another service included in the Keyword Promoter Package is 200 press release submissions. WL Marketing will write a press release targeting the client’s keyword. This press release, after a review and approval by the client, will be distributed to over 200 websites. This will provide backlinks and traffic to the client’s website, and also provide information to everyone about the client’s products or services on offer.

The seo submission of the press release to these 200 websites will further distribute the release to thousands of other outlets for review.

WL Marketing will write all the descriptions for the clients and target the appropriate keywords. “All that the clients need to do is to provide us with their URLs and the keywords they would like us to rank for them,” says the spokesperson.

The clients can log on to WL Marketing’s website at all hours round the clock to check how their campaign is progressing. Commenting on the status of the order of a client, the spokesperson says, “We’ll update you each time we process an order or have an update for you.”

Visit www.wlmarketing.com to learn more about how the keyword promoter package can help promote your website.