New Website Offers Information on Resveratrol Benefits
07/06/2009 provides detailed information on this potent antioxidant

Online PR News – 06-July-2009 – – San Francisco, CA ( OnlinePRNews ) July 6, 2009 - Over the past few months, Resveratrol supplements have become the hottest health products on the market. Seemingly everywhere you turn, from health and fitness magazines to daytime talk shows, someone is singing the praises of this powerful antioxidant.

But just what is Resveratrol? And what does it do?

That’s where enters the picture. This new website provides consumers with everything they need to know about the increasingly popular antioxidant. This includes discussions on everything from the wide range of Resveratrol benefits ( to the few potential side effects and so much more.

“Everywhere consumers look, someone is telling them they need to try a Resveratrol supplement,” said Jon Mayne, lead developer of “While we certainly believe there are some great Resveratrol supplements out there, our main goal is to first educate consumers on everything related to this antioxidant. That way, they can determine if it’s right for them.”

According to the website’s panel of experts, the health benefits of Resveratrol ( include anti-aging, cancer fighting, and weight loss, to name a few. With such a wide range of benefits, it’s no wonder that so many supplements are featuring this ingredient.

Of course, with so many health supplements popping up, it’s important for consumers to know which ones provide legitimate results and which are pretenders.

“At the end of the day, we want to make sure our website visitors are able to make informed decisions when searching for Resveratrol supplements,” remarked Mayne. “That’s why our panel of experts spent hundreds of hours analyzing and grading each of these supplements.”

So, what did the tests find? Tests show that Resveratrol Select ( is the best performing product of its class. Vivix by Shaklee, on the other hand, earned the lowest marks of all products tested.

But isn’t just a product reviews website. It also includes detailed articles on weight loss, anti-aging, Resveratrol and cancer, the French Paradox, and other related subjects.

“Simply put, we want our website to be the one-stop-spot for everything related to Resveratrol,” explained Mayne. “That’s why we’re constantly adding new product reviews, articles, studies, and other information. When someone comes to our website, all the information they need to decide if trying Resveratrol is right for them is at their fingertips.”

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