Say no to the ups and downs of diabetes with Track3

Coheso, Inc. have launched their brand new diabetes management system, combining mobile and online apps into a fully integrated program.

Online PR News – 05-December-2012 – USA – PLEASANTON, Calif. December 3, 2012 – Diabetes is a rollercoaster but 2013 can be the year you put on the brakes with Track3 from Coheso, the leader in personal health management tools. Track3 is the best diabetes management package on the market, giving you the ability to stay on top of your diabetes, wherever you are.

iPhone junkies, Android nuts and those tied to their computers all have unique, complementary, apps to help their diabetes become a smaller part of life. Built around a glucose tracker that offers at-a-glance weekly summaries of blood sugar levels, the apps go beyond expectations with a tracking tool for glucose, insulin and medications. Reports can be generated instantly and sent to doctors from waiting rooms, providing up-to-the-minute medical data for healthcare professionals.

With food central to good diabetes management, the apps incorporate a nutritional database of over 100,000 foods. Changeable serving sizes, personal recipes and restaurant information help dieters navigate each meal with ease. Exercise is also a vital component of managing diabetes, and the apps all allow users to balance their food intake with their exercise programs. Personalizable exercise sessions generate precise data so it’s easy to start the weight loss that’s so often necessary for good diabetes management.

The Track3 suite of apps offers people with diabetes the chance to take back control of their lives. With instant syncing between the mobile and computer apps, full customization options and instant access to all the data they need, Track3 diabetes software offers a total package for diabetes management on the go.

Coheso has been one of the leading names in personal health management for ten years. Offering weight and diabetes management tools, with thousands of success stories, they believe everyone should be able to achieve the healthy life they desire.

“You only need to look at the incredible reviews we’ve had for our apps to see that they’re really helping people to move on with their lives after a diabetes diagnosis. We’re very proud of that’”, Giri Nirkondar of Coheso says.