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Android Home Security Camera FREE TEXT HOME SECURITY ALARM version App: Turns the Android camera phone into a motion sensor camera for Text, Photo or Video Security Alarms and sends the user an email message when the alarm is tripped.

Online PR News – 06-December-2012 – Hagerstown, Maryland – "WIIA Home security camera 3.1 is a Free Android TEXT HOME SECURITY ALARM version of WIIA home security camera 3.2 PHOTO SECURITY ALARM and 3.3 VIDEO HOME SECURITY ALARM. The app prevents accidental encounter with a burglar inside a home or apartment. Within seconds of a home, office or business break-in or unauthorized intrusion by a burglar this app starts sending WIIA Home Security Camera TEXT MESSAGES to the user designated cell phone, Internet or computer monitors," says spokesman Carl Robinson. It’s completely FREE to download to any android cell phone version 2.0 or higher from GOOGLE Play.

Why need the Android Home Security Alarm?

Protect Family - More than a quarter million people are victims of burglary violence every year. Don't let family and friends become these statistics.

Protect Personal Property - Even with insurance, losing computer, electronics, weapons, Identity theft and other valuable items can be financially devastating. Sentimental jewelry and photographs simply cannot be replaced.

Protect Peace of Mind - Nothing is more valuable than feeling safe in your own home.

Benefits of the Android Home security camera app?

Efficiency - In the event of a burglary, get a faster police response time because there is no third-party security company delay.

Comforting - Have peace of mind that family is safe.

Invulnerable - Because it doesn't rely on the phone line, it is impossible for a burglar to disarm.

Affordable - The annual costs are significantly less than installing a third-party system.

Cost Effective - Even with homeowner's or renter's insurance, it is less expensive to prevent robbery in the first place.”



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