RocketRoute Updates AeroPlates for iPad

AeroPlates iPad app provides pilots with access to essential flight planning resources

Online PR News – 05-December-2012 – West Sussex, UK – Rocketroute are proud to announce a major new upgrade of its pilot iPad app AeroPlates. AeroPlates is perfect for professional pilots flying IFR and VFR for airlines or privately. The App update includes 1 Click Sync of Flight Briefings, Built-in planning and flight plan filing, in-flight, safety features, plus access to over 65,000 international aviation documents including AIPs, Approach, Departure and Taxi information.

Since its release the App has already seen over 1,000,000 in app downloads of maps, charts and regulation documents, with RocketRoute founder Kurt Lyall claiming demand so far has significantly exceeded expectations. “The popularity of our AeroPlates iPad app has been phenomenal and just goes to show how many pilots have iPads and are looking for well packaged aviation content and services.” Lyall said.

The App features instant access to all manner of necessary flight planning documentation such as Approach Plates, Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) pages, standard terminal arrival route (STAR) plates, standard instrument departure (SID) plates and visual flight rules (VFR) plates. And what’s more all this data can be downloaded and stored for offline use, such as when using your device whilst in-flight.

Users can download the AeroPlates iPad app within iTunes, the Apple App Store or direct from the RocketRoute website and signing up for an account with RocketRoute is completely free. Once installed the user is presented with full access to the entire database of plates for the US and Europe thanks to a 14-day free trial and after this the documents can be purchased as and when required on an ad-hoc basis or alternatively a full access membership can be bought.

All the documents within the AeroPlates app are full and complete, providing high-resolution PDFs which are beautifully presented within the app’s own document viewer. Each one can be zoomed and rotated for ease of reading and there is even the option to print the pages should you need hard copies for any reason. And thanks to the in app search functionality each document is only ever a few taps away with the system recognising both airport names and official International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) codes to easily locate the right documents.

Currently the AeroPlates app covers the UK, US and most of Europe, with more countries being added regularly. For a full list of supported countries check the RocketRoute website or app information page in iTunes. was established in 2010 to make IFR planning simpler and easier for pilots. Allowing them to prepare and file flight plans in minutes instead of hours. Since launching, the website has gained a reputation within the aviation industry for its quality of service and ability to save time and money. RocketRoute’s AeroPlates app was the company’s first iPad specific app after building its business with its highly innovative cloud/web based planning service.