Chic Style Icon proudly promotes the latest Herve Leger dresses For Fashion Divas

Chic Style Icon is having a sale of the latest Herve Leger dress for women looking for glamour and style.

Online PR News – 05-December-2012 – Hong Kong, Hong Kong – The continual success of the Herve Leger brand name is directly attributable to a few key factors. Firstly it is that look. All Herve Leger dress are unquestionably feminine. All the ladies wearing Herve Leger bandage look slim and sexy.

The Herve Leger Bandage style is elegant smart and aimed at showing off a body conscious lady and all her curves as an stunning woman. And then they are very selective of the fabrics used for the dresses. All dresses are created using only luxury fabrics which were previously thought of as being for foundation garments. These bandage like shapes mold and shape the body of the wearer.

Importantly they are all meant to be timeless and not trendy so that once bought you will be happy to wear them time and time again showing off that elegance and flattering fit and that lines and profiles that these dresses give their wearers.

The signature style is distinctive and has become more and more popular. Since its purchase by an American Fashion house it is now very definitely an American name. Herve Leger dresses are worn by body conscious ladies of fashion throughout the USA as well as Europe and the Far East.

On the website there is a full catalog of Herve Leger on sale with dresses and swim suits from the Here Leger Outlet for online ordering. These items are shipped out of Hong Kong or China via EMS (International Express Mail Service) and a tracking number posted for your information. The Item should be with you within a week to 10 days.

The website itself is a well laid out catalog of these item currently on offer. The items are modeled with an unobtrusive background or none so that that style is completely visible. The stunning quality signature of the Herve Leger style is immediately evident. There are currently a large range of dresses on display from the classic bandage, figure hugging and molding dress, to full length gowns.

The latest arrivals are on display on a separate page and then one can page through the main catalog which displays 12 to a page and these range again from an embroidered mesh dress through knits and satins and prints. All with that Herve Leger attention to detail and all in the wonderful fabrics that make these dresses such a pleasure to wear and flatter the wearer. And it is not only Herve Leger dresses that are on sale on this website but there are also the Herve Leger swim suits. Flattering to wear and completing an ensemble Herve Leger gowns nearly emphasize that femininity of that wearer.

In addition the Herve Leger sales dresses are available in many colors, from the subdued, the Black and white, the Autumn colors and golds and also in bright blues reds and greens. Any lady wearing one of Herve Leger's signature dresses, be it a bandage style or one of his other distinctive, body shaping and sexy dresses.