Franking machines even more attractive from April 6

Royal Mail has announced 1st and 2nd class standard mail price increases which will take effect from 6 April 2010.

Online PR News – 02-April-2010 – – The price of 1st class standard mail (weighing up to 100g) will increase by 2p to 41p and 2nd class mail by the same margin to 32p. Postage price increases are nothing new but what does differ with this price increase is that of ordinary meter and account mail, i.e. mail franked by franking machines. The prices for franked mail are to be kept at the old rate.

This is great news for businesses and organisations that send out high volumes of mail but such a saving, typically 7p* on 2nd class franked mail, is now making franking machines an attractive option for even smaller mail outputs, for example, 25-50 items per day.

Using a franking machine means stamps never run out and mail can be organised and posted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Integrated scales give you the correct postal tariff for all mail ensuring complete accuracy. Increased brand awareness and the ability to send messages on franking labels are other advantages of using franking machines.

Efficiency in business is the key in today’s climate both in the form of money and time saving. Franking machines create savings on both for a business or organisation. For example, if you had an employee on a salary of £14k per annum, and they made one 30 minute trip to the post office every week you could save an additional £14.60 a week by using franked mail. So not only with the price freeze on franked mail from April 6 but with more efficiency in time management, franking machines should be the way forward for thousands of businesses.

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*Saving relates to the discount offered on first class and second class letters only up to 100g. Prices effective from 6th April 2010. Discounts may vary.