Gravity Jack Expands Reality With The Launch Of browsAR 3.1

Gravity Jack, a custom augmented reality software development company, reveals the future of augmented reality marketing campaigns with an update to flagship application, browsAR 3.1

Online PR News – 04-December-2012 – Liberty Lake, WA – LIBERTY LAKE, WA - December 4, 2012 - Today, Gravity Jack, the creators of the browsAR app and some of the most cutting-edge custom Augmented Reality campaigns, confirmed that browsAR 3.1 is now available for free download on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Augmented reality, an industry estimated to generate $2.6 billion in revenue by 2016, has often been considered a futuristic solution, but Gravity Jack is determined to bring the experience to everyone, starting today. browsAR is a free augmented reality (AR) mobile application that allows both consumers and brands to expand social media and creative marketing campaigns beyond posters, billboards, logos and print advertising.

The browsAR platform allows companies to market new experiences with images literally jumping off the page and screen. We have doubled our workforce at Gravity Jack over the past year hiring the best talent in the industry as we continue to invest in pushing the boundaries of technology.

With a quick download of the app and scan of the image, browsAR's 'Visual Search' feature is capable of transforming a movie poster into a movie trailer, a logo into a commercial, an album cover into the music video, a 2D digital short into a 3D experience, or a print ad into an animated clip. Gravity Jack's browsAR is the first augmented reality platform of its kind, capable of realtime image recognition, through visual search.

"Augmented reality allows us to view the real world in an enhanced way," said Luke Richey, founder and CEO for Gravity Jack. "The browsAR platform allows companies to market new experiences, with images literally jumping off the page and screen. We have doubled our workforce at Gravity Jack over the past year, hiring the best talent in the industry, as we continue to invest in pushing the boundaries of technology."

With browsAR 3.1, Gravity Jack has added video streaming capabilities, giving users access to all augmented reality content faster than ever. Additionally, with the release of 3.1, Apple users receive full support for the much anticipated iPhone 5, as well as seamless operation within the iOS 6 platform.

Determined to remain a leader in a quickly growing industry, Gravity Jack has combined previous AR capabilities with 'Geo Location' tracking, allowing users to view friend's Facebook check-ins in 3D and pinpoint Facebook tags to the user's exact location in real world space. Gravity Jack has provided users this technology completely free of charge, allowing anyone to attach augmented reality images, videos or social media badges to images and logos of their own. Users are also given the option to generate a QR-like code, called a 'QAR,' free to be placed on business cards, T-shirts, bumper stickers, and more, creating dynamic online and offline AR experiences.

Gravity Jack has teamed with a variety of brands across several industries, including music, movies, politics, and consumer products to create original, custom augmented reality experiences. Gravity Jack's recent projects and partners include Bowflex, Coca-Cola, Safeway Farm Fresh, the largest Superman: Man of Steel fan community, and MushABellies, a popular plush toy now complete with augmented reality gaming.

browsAR 3.1 is available for iOS and select Android devices and is free for download in Apple's App store and on Google Play today.

About Gravity Jack:
Gravity Jack is an augmented reality (AR) software development company that was founded in Liberty Lake, Washington in 2009. Through the creation of the browsAR app, Gravity Jack's teams of elite developers merge the physical and virtual worlds with 3D and augmented content. Gravity Jack has created AR marketing campaigns for brands such as Bowflex, Coca-Cola, Jay@Play, Myspace and Safeway Farm Fresh. Gravity Jack also creates and develops custom mobile, web, and desktop software solutions. Download the free browsAR from the App Store & Google Play.

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