Shane Jeremy James Training Course for Network Marketers

This 12 week live training course is intended to help MLM and Network Marketers improve and expand their business.

Online PR News – 05-December-2012 – Vancouver, British Columbia – Shane Jeremy James, network marketing coach and trainer, author and renowned public speaker, today announced he will be hosting a live 12 week training course entitled, “Multi-level Marketing, Prospecting, Closing and Persuading.” The interactive course will assist network marketers in making a major breakthrough in their business by helping them learn to prospect, close and persuade. The course will last for 12 weeks and will begin on Thursday, January 3rd at 6:30 pm PST.

Shane Jeremy James is a skilled network marketer with years of coaching experience. James began his first business venture at the age of 27 with a fitness franchise, Curves for Women, and helped it to dramatically increase its customer base and profit. He was also responsible for the launch of a new network marketing company into Canada. James is widely known as a motivational speaker and for creating leaders within organizations and is a worldwide master in the area of prospecting and closing.
James is also a bestselling author having written numerous books in the fields of weight loss and network marketing and has co-authored with the likes of Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Dr. Wayne Dyer. He recently released a script book for network marketers entitled, “Prospecting, Closing and Persuasion Script Book – Advanced.”
James sits on the board of several Canadian business associations and donates his time and resources to numerous charities.

The course will offer two master training videos per week as well as access to a private group and accountability program. In addition to the training videos, James will utilize his multi-level coaching and training expertise to weekly, 90 minute, group coaching calls to each of the attendees.

“Many network marketers fail because they do not have the proper skillsets needed to grow their business,” said Shane Jeremy James. “You can always make more money and have success in any kind of business if you learn the proper skills. That’s the key to success.”

Over the course of 12 weeks, James will discuss the current best practices in network marketing. Attendees will learn key skillsets, tips and strategies to help them communicate, prospect and close. In addition, attendees will also learn how to:

• Recruit, prospect and close productively and efficiently with full confidence.
• Follow-up with prospects successfully.
• Dramatically boost income or reduce the time spent working.
• Develop market leadership and build lasting, profitable client relationships.
• Recruit reliable team members simply and effectively.
• Close more sales in less time.
• Create a profitable business that will continue to grow over time.

The “Multi-level Marketing, Prospecting, Closing and Persuading” course costs $297 and can be purchased at James’ website,