Nigerian Walks Tall.. comes to India to Say “Thank you”

Dr Sachin Bhonsle, Joint Replacement surgeon at Fortis Hospitals Mulund performed a series of complex surgeries on Nigerian giving her a 2nd life after two year of accident.

Online PR News – 04-December-2012 – 3rd Dec 2012 – A 38 year old Nigerian Ms Igwike met with a Bus accident 2 year ago. Almost every one died on the spot and she was the only one survivor among all. She has multiple injuries and was hospitalized for a long time. Almost a year she was on bed ridden made her condition complicated by sepsis. She had multiple infections in her joints and this resulted in complete stiffening of both hips and both knees.

She met several doctors in a year in South Africa and has taken all the different treatment that can make her painless and able to walk, but every treatment failed to give her relief. Igwike inquired and found that so many of Nigerians visit India for Treatment; this helps them to find the final solution in India. She heard of Dr Bhonsle and with the hope she came to Mumbai for final Treatment.

When Igwike visited Dr Sachin Bhonsle, Joint Replacement Surgeon, Fortis Hospital, her condition was a daunting challenge. she came on a stretcher with her entire lower body stiff as a board. She had completely immobile hips and knees. She could not even sit up; leave alone stand or walk. She had already had several surgeries. Initial basic tests revealed that Igwike had infection. In presence of infection a joint reconstruction surgery will lead to a failure. The infection had to be localized and treated first.

Dr Bhonsle found out that she had significant infection (pus) in her left buttock and kidney. She needed two surgeries to treat her kidney and buttock abscess. He suggested her that the infection needs to heal first but in the meanwhile commenced extensive physiotherapy which actually got her right hip moving this was a great bonus. Her treatment was planned in steps for better results

First joint surgery was performed in Jan 2012. Her left hip joint was completely immobile and bridged with abnormal bone. It was stiff like a log; here Dr Bhonsle performed a difficult hip replacement lasting three hours. She was able to sat up after an year following this procedure and was allowed further three weeks of recovery and then left knee replacement was done. The left knee was also stiff like a log with all muscles glued up.

Dr Bhonsle “I had to first free up all the scarred up tissue, cut through the bone and bend her knee to 90 degrees then I proceeded to do her left knee replacement; entire surface of her knee was destroyed. It was a difficult but rewarding task to position a knee replacement successfully.

After long journey patient Igwike stood without support and walked for the first time following the knee replacement. She stayed in India for almost six months but finally walked home with support.

This wek I got a phone call that Igwike is back and she is smiling. Now that she is mobile and has come back from Nigeria only to say hello to Doctor & Staff who helped her walk again.

“One year has been a long journey and it’s great to see this lady walk back into my room. At the outset I had told her that we have a mountain to climb. We will do that together one step at a time we have done it!” Says Dr Sachin Bhonsle.