Humorous Hand Drawn Invitations Add Life To Your Wedding

Boring wedding invitations are out, choose one that will keep your guests smiling years after you get offers cartoon wedding invitations now.

Online PR News – 06-July-2009 – – Weddings are the most important part of anyone’s life, and lead them to the next big step in their life.

Wedding invitations are like the appetizer of a meal; they get you ready for the main event. Many invitations can be produced and customized via printing companies that could care less about your wedding – they simply want the money. Why not choose something unique and fun instead? Why not choose an invitation that will stick in your guest’s memory and keep them smiling for years after the event?

Vponsale (Valentine’s Promise) is the very first creator of specially hand drawn wedding invitations, and they have been happily providing customers with humorous and custom hand drawn invitations for years. Their reputation is going strong, and the ONLY authorized reseller of them is http://

Very few companies can offer the same thing and maintain the high quality design that Valentine’s Promise does. You choose the concept; they draw it and print it, then ship it to you within 14 days. These invitations are perfect for any soon-to-be-married couple that wants to break the laws of “traditional” wedding invitations.

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