Desire To Build Kid's Camp Proves To Be A Big Win For Local Businesses

A passion for helping kid's took a Nor Cal couple to extreem measures for fund raising. Not wanting to use government grants, they have developed what will be the next big thing for website traffic.

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Schnieder also stated that he and his wife are very excited to start working on the camp and a percentage of the proceeds from this program will go towards building the Kid’s Camp. All participants of this program will be kept informed of progress on the camp and, if they desire, their name will be listed, stating they helped to build this camp with their support.

About JL Zane Marketing:
John Schnieder is an expert in the field of Internet Marketing and is well versed with the demands of getting your website found. Full client satisfaction is our goal. JL Zane Marketing was established in 2007 by John Schnieder to provide serives in Website Marketing and Google Domination.