Bulgarian Animation release new episode of Brain Damage, bringing new calamity and laughs

The newest episode of the comedy show Brain Damage is now available. The show is now on to its sixth episode in the series, titled "Western". Brain Damage is a comedic cartoon series, similar to South Park, Family Guy, and American Dad.

Online PR News – 05-December-2012 – Clio – The opening says it all: "The story and all characters are fictitious, even the events, based on real characters are fictitious!" What does that mean? Brain Damage!The show compiles a cast of kooky characters, all a little, well, brain damaged. The creator, Nedelcho Bogdanov, knows how to combine strange stories with comedic moments - the show is hilarious, and is reminiscent of shows that would air on TV's Adult Swim.This episode, frankly named "Western", starts off in a saloon - with our usually intrepid space heroes, for some reason, now put the Old West. Raging Pete, a snarling red scoundrel, rolls in and promptly blows the head off of two characters. He quickly announces that he's the new boss in town! The town puts out a reward for $1... And quickly attracts at least 300 of the most "elite-est" thugs in Texas (who agree to split the $1 reward). They're quickly dispatched by Raging Pete, and the residents of the town believe they're doomed. It's up to the crew... those that are still surviving, of course... to get rid of Raging Pete, using their amazing skills... if they had any. About Bulgarian AnimationBulgarian Animation is headquartered in London, UK. The company is a partnership between Social Media Pictures and Anturage Studio, a top Bulgarian animation production house. The company has gathered a good deal of interest, and the Bulgarian Animations YouTube channel has more than 100 thousands views and 700 subscribers. Bulgarian Animation also produces another comedic cartoon, entitled The Show - celebrities and well-known faces get parodied, and hilariously twisted in this version of a late-night talk show. Fans can watch a controversial interview with President Barack Obama, see Justin Bieber breaks a glass with his voice, and finally Selena Gomez performing various Jackass-style stunts.Watch Brain Damage, The Show, and other bits by Bulgarian Animation, visit their YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/user/bulgariananimation.ContactTo learn more about Bulgarian Animation, please contact:K. Petrov, PRpetrov@socialmediapictures.net+447709840845http://www.youtube.com/user/bulgariananimation