(Calgary,CA) Alena Pastuch of Idendego emphasizes need for online protection for children

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States, and the fastest growing segment of identity theft victims are children.

Online PR News – 02-April-2010 – – Most cases take place very early on with over half occurring prior to the age of 6. Identity theft perpetrated against children can be particularly debilitating because it is often years or decades after the crime occurs that the victim becomes aware.

If a child is old enough to access the Internet on their own, make sure all usage is monitored. Many websites such as MySpace, Facebook and others make it very easy for children to post vast amounts of personal information about themselves.
Make sure children are aware of the various dangers of openly communicating personal information to strangers on the Internet. Children are never too young to start practicing safe Internet usage.

"Protecting your children from identity theft is an extremely important but time consuming job. It is possible to keep up with all the aspects of this important task, but we strongly recommend that most parents consider using an identity theft protection service to keep their child's identity safe and secure." said Alena Pastuch CEO of Idendego. "Child identity theft will likely be a growing risk for years to come. As a parent you have the opportunity to not only help protect your own children from being victimized, but other children as well."she added.

About Idendego Inc.
Idendego Inc. is committed to the development and marketing of state-of-the-art digital ID protection software for personal and business applications, including mobile phone programs designed to keep track of children and business software designed to protect against online ID theft. Headed-up by CEO, Alena Marie Pastuch, Idendego is headquartered in Calgary, Canada.