Real Dental Insurance for California Florida & Texas With $5.00 Co Pays

$5.00 CO-PAY DENTAL INSURANCE PLAN For Residents of Florida,California and Texas Over 346 Covered Procedures for 1 LOW Monthly Premium Customer Service 866 312 9684

This plan is underwritten by Safeguard Insurance Company which is owned by Metropolitan Life, and offers the Best Dental Coverage in the States of Florida, California and Texas.

Online PR News – 05-July-2009 – – There seems to be alot of confusion in todays market as to the difference between dental discount plans and dental insurance plans.there is an old adage,you get what you pay for.Dental discount plans are very inexpensive
and the alledged savings in a range from 10-70%.People can't realisticaly think that if they spend $79 dollars a year that this will save them 100's if not thousands a year.

This particular dental "insurance" plan works entirely differently.It works very similar to a HMO health plan where as clients go to providers in a network who have agreed to do procedures for a pre negotiated price.That is why the cost to the client in CA for a crown is the same in FL as well as Texas.

Realisticly,people will save approximately 65% off the cost compared to people who do not have insurance at all.This particular plan is utilized by many state and county employees in Florida.A woman from New Port Richey Florida showed a bill from her dentist for $2,512.She only actualy ended up paying $833 with this particular insurance.

This is a unique opportunity for individuals to enroll into a TRUE "Group" Dental Insurance Plan and enjoy all the savings and benefits that go along with it.
Some of the benefits that This plan covers are:
FREE – 2 Routine Cleanings a year; X-rays; Fillings
$5.00 co-pay – Office Visits; Extractions; Second Opinions
$245.00 – Crown + LAB FEE
$125.00- Bleaching (per arch)
$90.00 – Deep Cleaning (per quad)
$250.00- Veneers

NO Waiting Period;
NO Pre-existing Limitations;
NO Dollar Limits;
NO Age Limits
All of the above plus over 346 other procedures are covered thru this plan.

This plan does not submit people to a waiting period or a dollar limit that clients normally find under an indemnity, individual, or group dental plan. This Dental Plan will be available to clients on the first of the month following their enrollment and does not limit clients to a certain dollar amount each year.

No longer will clients be subjected to a waiting period or a dollar limit that people normally find under an indemnity, individual, or dental discount plan.

For additional information call 866 312 9684 Or Visit Their Website at

Complimentary Drug Card(Caremark) and Vision Card(Coast to Coast) at NO extra Cost.