Chinas Maritime Ambition and Chinese Navy

Launch of book "China's Maritime Ambition and PLA Navy" by Sandeep Dewan (Fellow United Service Institution of India).

Online PR News – 03-December-2012 – December 03, 2012 – Chinas Maritime Power dates back thousands of years. China has one of the oldest naval traditions in the world, dating from at least the end of the Warring States period in 221 BC. Nonetheless, China has historically been a continental state with a large ground force and only a coastal navy with limited blue water capability. The rise of modern day China raises considerable regional and security concerns, besides economic and political competition towards finding a rightful place in power politics of the South Asian Region and hence needs a critical analysis. There is a need to focus future strategies to deal with such challenges, both in the medium and long term. An effort to achieve the same has been undertaken in this book. The book is sure to stimulate further discussions on Chinas navy and its ambitions.

The book discusses the following details

The History of Chinese Maritime Power The Metamorphosis of Chinese Maritime Power The Evolution of the People s Liberation Army Navy PLA Navy s Quest for Seas Beyond China s Shores China s Maritime Strategy China s Military Ambitions and Balance of Power The People s Liberation Army Navy in Mid Twenty First Century and Its Role in Global Security-A Prognosis

The book is available with and Barnes and Nobles.