Pond and Water Garden Supply Retailer Announce Promotion on Pond Liner

Leading pond and water garden supply companyannounces special promotion on pond liner.

Online PR News – 03-December-2012 – Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles, CA, December 03, 2012 -- Pond Liner Sale, an online specialty retailer of pond and water garden supplies, announcesspecial promotion on pond liner. “Our prices for pond liners are already the lowest on the Web,” says Richard O’Brien, Operations Manager for Pond Liner Sale. “And this new promotion allows us provide even more value to our customers nationwide.”

Similar to liner used in roofing applications, pond liner is specially designed for use in outdoor water features. Pond liners are typically manufactured using either PVC or EPDM, two flexible materials which are safe for use in outdoor fish ponds. Firestone PondGard Liners, manufactured by one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers, are extremely popular for use in outdoor water features. “We highly recommend Firestone EPDM pond liner to our customers,” says O’Brien. “These durable pond liners are guaranteed to last 25 years, but will often last a lifetime.EPDM liners are best value on the market today.”

Due to their dimensions and weight, pond liner installation may require more than one person. “An average pond liner can weigh well over two hundred pounds. Installing a pond liner is still much easier than constructing a pond using cement and rebar,” states O’Brien. “Once you dig the hole in your backyard, the hard work is basically over.” Underlay, a material designed specifically to be buried underneath a pond liner can help to prevent pond liner from being punctured by tree roots, sharp rocks, or other debris. “While commercial pond liner underlay is great,” says O’Brien. “Many pond owners use old rugs, carpet, or even cardboard boxes as underlay. These do-it-yourself options work surprisingly well and can present a nice cost savings for pond owners on a limited budget.”

Pond Liner Sale is currently offering free Laguna Algae Remover with the purchase of any pond liner via their e-commerce website. String algae and green water are common occurrences in Koi ponds. “Many pond owners fight a seemingly endless battle against algae,” says O’Brien. “This free gift is intended to provide our customers an opportunity to not only win the battle, but ultimately win the war against algae blooms in their backyard ponds.”

Some of the most popular Laguna products offered by PondlinerSale.com include the following:

- Laguna ClearFlo Kits
- Laguna Max-Flo Pumps
- Laguna Pressure-Flo Filters
- Laguna UV Clarifiers
- Laguna PowerJet Kits
- Laguna PowerFlo Filters

As one of North America’s leading retailers of pond supplies, PondLinerSale.com offers guaranteed best prices and free shipping on the complete line of Laguna Pond Products. “We also offer exclusive discounts and bonus items with most Laguna pond supplies,” says O’Brien. “Customer satisfaction is always our top priority.”

Pond Liner Saleoffers safe and secure orders via their all new e-commerce website at www.pondlinersale.com.

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