Google Caffeine update: Does Google Have a Sense of Humor

Speculation abounds about the full launch of Google Caffeine. View release for answers.

Online PR News – 01-April-2010 – – Is April fools day be the date Google Caffeine enters full launch. Google Caffeine has been implementing their 'under the hood' changes for months. The question that hasn't been answered is when will Google Caffeine make its full outside the hood launch permanent.

Chances are Googlers have noticed Google renamed itself 'Topeka' today. This has led to much speculation that April first signifies the full launch of Google Caffeine. While only time can answer that question, although there's evidence that suggests Caffeine isn't fully operating across all their servers, what was revealed to those who looked a little deeper was the reason behind the name change.

According to a message under the Topeka name: “Not In Kansas: learn about our new name.”

Clicking 'here' leads to the following official Google Blog link: Googleblog/different-kind-of-company-name

The answer is revealing of both the company and possible speculation about the Caffeine full launch.

Even though Google holiday or special occasion themes are nothing new. Is it possible based on this latest activity that Google, the company itself, has fully embraced 'Real Time' on every level. Including being openly interactive and directly sharing with its users. At least to an extent that's feasibly possible.

In the meantime. A review of the main elements of Caffeine according to a list compiled by Irbtrax SEO Social Media Internet marketing would be a good refresher:

- Accuracy: Returning SERP's (Search Engine Results pages) that match the exact information you're looking for.
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- Efficiency: Faster search results and the ability to custom select your search options.
- Sufficiency: Offering a wider range of results to choose from by including different platforms like Social Media.

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As far as the question- Does Google have a sense of humor. The answer should be fairly obvious after today.

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