Release of Engagedots Lite CRM solution

Engagedots Lite Version customer relationship management solution has been released successfully which has multiple solution to automate the sales and marketing activities.

Online PR News – 02-December-2012 – coimbatore – NDOT Technologies has released the Lite Version of Engagedots CRM solution that is expected to create a high demand in the market due to its capacity to explicitly automate sales and marketing activities. The entire application comprises of six modules namely contact, sales, support, team, report, and employee management. All the modules are thoroughly integrated to provide a unified solution.

Engagedots Lite can store the client information or leads securely in centralized database which is supportive for easy retrieval of data. Apart from lead information, the marketing documents such as the quotes and other materials that are related or relevant can also be stored as document in the module. These documents can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. The automation of the sales and marketing is interlinked as well as very clear and easy to use.

The users are provided with role-based dashboard through which they can user their power to carry out the sales or marketing activity. The leads can be converted to opportunities which creates an account and contacts for that company. These opportunities can be converted to sales or purchase in a systematic order. There is less room for human error since it is entirely automated.

In every stage, the user can always refer the related tasks or events such as meetings. There is an explicit calendar option to record the events with option to set reminder. Since the employees or the team are managed in a hierarchical structure, it is very easy for handling the leads or sales process. Reports can also be generated for each module with detailed statistical report.

The support can also be provided to the customers completely with good communication channel that can be established via ticketing system. The customers can raise a ticket about their issues and get the reply from the concerned or assigned employee. The FAQ also provides the sought solution to the customers quickly. The employee gets the suggested conversation history to handle the tickets as well as smart answer recommendation

Engagedots Lite is a real solution for handling customer relationship to enhance the business. Above all, it comes at affordable pricing. Engagedots Lite is available for SaaS method of access costing just $9.99 per user per month. The annual package of Engagedots Lite is available for $100 per individual access which is much cheaper when compared with other CRM solution available in the market. With multiple features packaged at affordable cost, Engagedots Lite version CRM is sure to hit the market.