GripCote-X water-based, non-slip coating for rubber and PVC commercial and industrial matting

Liquiguard Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of water-based eco/bio friendly coating solutions, introduces a revolutionary water-based non-slip coating solution to its portfolio to eliminate slipping and movement in PVC and rubber-backed mats.

Online PR News – 01-December-2012 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Slippage, movement, curling and bunching has historically presented a problem with commercial mats. This is a recurring issue with lighter PVC-backed matting in smaller sizes such as 2’ x 3’ or 3’ x 5’ or in runners, but occurs in a wide variety of mats including entrance mats and many anti-fatigue mats. This problem is a nuisance to many businesses who are forced to frequently reset the mats in their proper resting place. In many cases, mats that shift and bunch up can create a trip and fall hazard as well, creating injuries, liabilities and significant settlement costs for many business.

GripCote-X, a revolutionary product from Liquiguard Technologies, Inc. is a water-based, semi-viscous coating that has been developed to solve this problem by holding mats down to any and all substrates without the use of adhesives. It can be used on concrete, hard smooth surfaces such as tile or marble, and is most effective on the most problematic surface of all, broadloom carpet. GripCote-X does not transfer or leave residue on the contacting surface and features just enough tack to hold the mats down firmly in place but still easy to lift, clean and replace at any time.

GripCote-X is the perfect anti-slip accessory for a variety of mats. It is applied easily by soft bristle brush, roller or spray and is non-toxic, making it a simple Do-It-Yourself non-slip solution appropriate for homeowners, small businesses or larger businesses looking for a long-term and environmentally friendly solution to the problem of mat movement. For washable mats, GripCote-X will withstand approximately 20 wash cycles before needing reapplication.

“After extensive testing, American Floor Mats found GripCote-X to be the superior anti-slip solution for floor mats constant sliding on both hard surfaced and carpeted floors. We confidently recommend it to our customers, especially those that frequently handle their mats for cleaning.”

-Brian Blumberg, VP (American Floor Mats) (

Liquiguard Technologies, Inc. is a leader at the forefront of Eco-Bio friendly coating solutions. Liquiguard coating solutions are Green and designed to be safe, quick and easy for anyone to use. GripCote-X is a worthy example of this philosophy, offering a unique, water-based and versatile non-slip solution to the difficult problem of mat movement.

Brian Schiller, Director of Sales and Marketing for Liquiguard Technologies, recently spoke about GripCote-X and Liquiguard’s vision for this product.

“Liquiguard Technologies is excited about what GripCote-X offers the marketplace. Slipping and movement with PVC and rubber backed matting is an acknowledged problem in the matting industry. We believe that GripCote-X offers a more durable and effective solution than double sided tapes and will not damage or leave residue on the floor. This represents a quantum shift in the approach to keeping commercial mats in place and should prove to be a great asset to rental companies, distributors, resellers and end users”

“The GripCote line of products was designed to provide the performance of adhesives and underlayments as used with mats, area rugs and floor and wallcoverings without the negative environmental effects or the permanent residue that those products leave behind” said Schiller.

Since 2004, Liquiguard Technologies, Inc. ( has been an innovator as a manufacturer and R&D group developing water-based solutions to solve many of the industrial, commercial and residential markets’ most pressing pain points. Working with OEM’s, Distributors and Resellers, Liquiguard’s full line of water-based protective coatings address a wide range of surfaces and environments. Liquiguard is consistently working on new solutions to address the evolving needs of the global marketplace.