Tamera P. Jones Releases Her Book To Help Professional Women Transform Their Pain Into Purpose

Pain to Purpose book is THE professional women’s life changing guide to pressing past obstacles to a life of fulfillment

Online PR News – 30-November-2012 – Wilmington, DE – Tamera P. Jones bears all in a transparent yet effective way to encourage professional women by proving to them it is possible to move past life’s obstacles and problems into a fulfilling life of purpose and passion. Women today are tired of motivational speakers and self-help gurus with programs that lack the substance of actually living out what they teach. Mrs. Jones has the proof that it can be done with her own personal story of struggling with the internal and external battles of corporate career, family and other obligations. By taking specific steps that are outlined in the book, including walking away from a lucrative and secure corporate job, she moved past all of them to a life of purpose. Tamera pours out of her heart specific advice and step by step action plan that women can not only follow for success but be encouraged that success and fulfillment is obtainable.

Tamera P. Jones pinpoints her target audience by sharing “This book is for the professional woman who is unfulfilled in your present job, underemployed, or just plain frustrated with life. You know deep inside there is more to you and more to life, but what to do has gotten you stirred up in your emotions and in your mind. If you could just get some direction and discover your place and purpose in the world, life would be more fulfilling.”

In honor of her new book, Tamera P. Jones is giving away her Purpose Profile Checklist to get professional women on their path to gaining more clarity of their purpose. The Purpose Profile Checklist can be found on her website http://tamerapjones.com/purpose2power.html

About Tamera P. Jones

Tamera P. Jones' journey to discover her own purpose path and live with power and abundance began 9 years ago when she decided to leave corporate America and live life on her own terms as an entrepreneur. In her quest to find life's true meaning, she discovered that her longing to live life on purpose was greater than her feelings of fear and insecurity of leaving her "good corporate job". She had no wells to draw from but those of her own soul as she dealt with disappointment and loneliness and yet a greater resolve to "spread her wings" and help others to do the same. Although her journey has been laced with uncertainty, pain, and disappointment, it ultimately brought a wealth of joy, fulfillment and a great sense of accomplishment. Her sheer desire to assist, inspire, and motivate other women to live life with purpose and power led her to develop her brand Purpose2Power. Tamera offers workshops, events, and personal mentoring opportunities for women who struggle with understanding their purpose, move to a place of fulfillment and abundance personally, professionally and financially. Tamera is an author, mentor, speaker, and top leader with national direct sales company. She has helped many women transform in her role as an entrepreneur to go from existing to living and from purpose to power!

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