Sculpt Your Flab And Excess Fat Into A Slimmer You with Body Shapers from

Nenelingerie launches a whole new range of body shapers for the plus sized woman to lift, shapen, enhance, flatten, and contour excess flesh and body fat, in a slimmer and younger new you, now at revised special prices, this Spring.

Online PR News – 01-April-2010 – – Cumming, GA ( Onlineprnews ) April 1, 2010 - Very few women have a body and an attitude that reflects the confidence, comfort and harmony that she feels with her body and doesn’t mind sporting even the most daring of lingerie or even going without one. Though body shapes are as much a difficult subject for research in its attachment to attitudes, whatever research has been done proves beyond doubt the more shapely and confident one feels about the body, the more the chances of being successful at work, in the society and at play. Women who weren’t naturally endowed with shapely and desirable body forms found many other ways to shape their bodies and make them look attractive.

The concept of body shapers have been around for centuries with 'corsets' and 'girdles' of yore into which women squeezed themselves to find the desired form. Marcia Aquino, the founder of Nenelingerie says, “Though women have gone to extreme extents to imitate fads and fall into fashion, gone are the days of veined, tied-around painful corsets that a bit-out-of-shape had to fit into to look a bit better to herself and to others. The body shaper ( has gone through an evolution – from the materials in use to customization options. Body shaper corsets or bustiers and tummy tuckers can be perfect for those strapless evening dresses that highlight your sexy cleavage as there is nothing to work better to turn a bust line into a sexy cleavage than a fitting corset.”

The body shaper effect doesn’t end there; for the more full figured woman a fitting body shaper ( in fact, it diverts attention away from a fuller tummy by flattening it while highlighting the waistline. “Focused on the plus sized woman there are Body Wrap Strapless Padded Underwire Bodysuits which come in seamless microfiber with removable straps which suits all day wear. It offers a supremely firm body control as it supports and enhances, flattens and slenderizes, lifts and shapes your excess fat deposits as if they do not exist,” adds Maria on what body shapers can do to your excess fat and tissues.

The body shapers at ( come in various cuts and designs focused at contouring specific body parts and not just the waist and bust. Marcia Aquino, the founder of Nenelingerie says, “There were days when a woman needed two more pair of hands to tie a corset and fit into it and the bottom undergarments were sloppy and not-so desire-able as the evolution of the most desired but far-less-seen intimates of today’s adventurous and fearless woman’s attire is turning out to be. Body shapers will make a woman appear thinner and hide trouble the excesses. Additionally, body shapers can create additional curves and padding and enhancing the lipo-transportation in a effective way.”

“Moreover, the globalization, amalgamation of cultures, the bastardliness of its sub-cultures and genres have created more scope for design and creativity like never before, even in underwear and lingerie, and it keeps growing with recognition that the brand or design amasses. Likewise, fashion attitudes are constantly on the change and just like tattoos and piercing sexy lingerie and body shapers for women who would like to project leaner, meaner and sexier images and those who are really n the middle of it all, are becoming mainstream hot-buys. The lingerie today’s youth or the urban socialite shops for is far more varied and adventurous than the kind of lingerie or undergarments that was available a few decades ago, and would sure make your ol’mama blush or utter a few words of caution about modesty, which of course you can avoid…you know how. Drop her at the grocery!” Maria is all sport on her views on sexy lingerie for today’s urban womanhood.

With ‘live and let live’ in at least certain aspects of life seeming all the more acceptable and possible than others, sexy lingerie has never been voted out as obscene and hopes not to be as long as men remain men. The power of visuals plays a strong role on a man’s sexual excitement and drive. So don’t deny him that pleasure when he deserves one and don’t deny yourself the fun of experiencing what happens when you try one.


Fashion and affordability have been the motivating factors behind the creation of the innovative online retail store called created by Marcia Aquino, a Stylist and a business woman, with the keen focus on satisfying the needs of all women's apparel and Lingerie, regardless of shape or size, with products that include Panties, Thongs, Bikinis, Bras and Bras Sets, Stockings, Corsets ,Bustiers, Pajamas, Camisoles, Baby-dolls, Chemises, Sexy Sleepwear, Long Gowns, Peignoirs Robes, Body shapers and all that is intimate to a urban woman.