Manufacturing Firm Turns Local Retiree’s Ideas Into Game-changing Products

Help with research, product development, prototyping, packaging, manufacturing and other services allow unique golf inventions to become a reality.

Online PR News – 29-November-2012 – Spokane WA – MERI China has helped one local retiree’s unique golf inventions go from dream to reality in just a year’s time.

Jim Schoenleber, a former police officer and owner of a security firm, started a new company, The Golfmen, about a year ago in Spokane Valley. Since then, with the help of MERI China Manufacturing, the business has successfully produced and launched more than 20 new golf-related products and gadgets.

MERI China, a firm that offers manufacturing, supply chain management and sourcing services, handled much of The Golfmen’s production process, allowing for products to be tested, produced and launched quickly and efficiently in a short amount of time.

According to Hong Huang, vice president of marketing at MERI China, MERI provided research, development, rapid prototyping, packaging, design, ems contract manufacturing and shipping services in order to produce The Golfmen’s unique line of offerings.

“We helped make the manufacturing and production process easier on The Golfmen,” Huang said. “We took Jim’s ideas, developed prototypes, provided research and coordinated manufacturing to get those ideas off the ground and into customers’ hands.”

The Golfmen’s line of products currently includes: TurboTees, angled plastic golf tees; The Scrubby, a water-dispensing ball cleaning tool; The Spotter, a green repair tool and ball marker; The Grippy, a club grip cleaner; The Flip Towel, a unique towel and sponge combo; The Lever, a swing correcting tool; and many more items.

JB Engineering assisted with the initial design of the products, providing unique insight into The Golfmen’s U.S.-based market. JB Engineering has more than two decades of experience helping inventors and companies launch their products.

“MERI China handled essentially all of the facets of product development for The Golfmen,” Huang said. “In less than a year’s time, we took more than 20 products from concept to production. That’s almost unprecedented in manufacturing.”

All of The Golfmen’s products are available online at and at The Fairways Golf Course in West Plains. Schoenleber is currently in talks to have the products sold in Wal-Mart and Costco store locations.

“It’s amazing how smoothly it has all gone,” Huang said. “Jim’s inventions vary widely, utilizing many different materials and methods of production, but we make it happen within a short amount of time easily and effortlessly.”

MERI China is currently working on developing and producing more products for The Golfmen, including threaded plastic cleats that will screw easily into a pair of standard athletic shoes and a ball-shagging tool.

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