Premier Gas Grill Smoker Box - Smoke BBQ Ribs & Chicken and more to Perfection

Barbecue enthusiasts are discovering how to smoke great tasting BBQ using a gas grill. This smoker 'Turns Every Outdoor Cook into a Gourmet Chef!' Now, you can smoke barbecue at home on your gas grill like a professional BBQ pit master. Easy-To-Do and simple to use.

Online PR News – 05-July-2009 – – Premier Gas Grill Smoker Box - Smoke BBQ Ribs & Chicken and more to Perfection

Just released to the general public, after years in development, the ALL NEW state-of-the-art "FlavorDome Grill Smoker" for gas grills. This state-of-the-art grill smoker is comprised of three (3) distinctive parts. It's truly a major breakthrough in the smoking of food on a backyard gas grill. Plus, it's easy to use to create mouthwatering smoky barbecue. Setting the pace of excellence in smoking BBQ using a gas grill.

Barbecue enthusiasts know how great BBQ tastes when it's smoked. The FlavorDome Grill Smoker "Turns Every Outdoor Cook into a Gourmet Chef!". Chicken, ribs, steaks, chops, fish, seafood, vegetables, pizza and more... are easily smoked to perfection. The FlavorDome Grill Smoker helps backyard grillers barbecue at home like a professional BBQ pit master. Simple to install, easier to use. Worry free. It's a Winner - Championship 1st Place BBQ Ribs in a major cookoff competetion against traditional smokers.

The FlavorDome Grill Smoker was developed to produce lots of smoke, and to trap and remove bitter tasting wood tars. (The unpleasant side of barbecue.) This patented process traps and removes bitter tasting wood tars - producing smooth clean smoke flavors on outdoor gas, electric, charcoal grills. There isn't another grill smoker or smoker box, available anywhere, capable of achieving this feat.

The FlavorDome Grill Smoker is "The World's Foremost Gas Grill Smoker". It's purpose is to produce natural 'cooked over wood fire' smoke flavors using a gas grill. It's extremely easy to use, and it's compatible with most gas grills. The large 4 cup container box provides plenty of smoke for up to one (1) hour. Out performing all other grill smokers by a margin of 2 to 1. There isn't another gas grill smoker or smoker box that compares to the 'FlavorDome' in design, quality, value, performance.

FlavorDome is the only gas grill smoker to incorporate three (3) interrelated parts in its design. Part 1. Container box featuring an inverted 'V' channeled bottom, no holes; Part 2. Container cover with attached baffle plate; Part 3. The special 'Dome Top' with offset vent holes. These three (3) interrelated parts form the functional base of the smoker. Clearly, putting it way out ahead of all grill smokers and smoker boxes on the market today.

The FlavorDome Grill Smoker imparts natural wood smoke flavors into foods. It's the only grill smoker specifically designed for outdoor gas grills. No gas grill smoker or smoker box, available anywhere, measures up to the FlavorDome Grill Smoker. Many opportunities & possibilities abound with FlavorDome. Be sure to check out the product video at:

"FlavorDome - The Ultimate Grilling Experience"

"Changing the Way AMERICA barbecues home!

Roger Scott
BBQ News Group
SF - Bay Area