Primedia eLaunch is Proud to be a Recognized ePublishing Company

Primedia eLaunch exceeds the expectations of customers as a quality epublishing company. It can accomplish all kinds of conversion jobs to meet deadlines.

Online PR News – 30-November-2012 – November 29, 2012 Dallas, Texas – Primedia eLaunch, a digital publishing house that transforms various print publications to quality eBooks for mobile readers, maintains high standards for an epublishing company. Their customers report high levels of satisfaction. They manage everything including ebook formatting, ebook validation and ebook distribution at affordable prices. Customers are deeply satisfied with its progressive eBook conversion approach. They provide iPhone, Apple iPad and ePUB users with an enhanced reading experience by converting their source files from Microsoft Word, PDF, Quark, or InDesign into all the major eBook formats. Primedia eLaunch has been rated positively by customers for bringing them outstanding sales through their eBook distribution and promotion services.

Ebook conversion has now become necessary for writers and publishers to connect to a greater number of eBook readers. It has led many creative agencies and business houses to produce error-free content for use in electronic media. Primedia eLaunch is known to provide customers with great options through their eBook formatting and conversion services. A wide range of eBook distribution packages are already available. Look for the one that suits your publishing needs!

"We are a one-of-a-kind ePublishing company that specializes in eBook formatting, eBook Conversion and eBook distribution services. We’re proud of our very reasonable prices. Our experienced conversion specialists have efficiently managed complex eBook conversion assignments. If you are an academic institution, content development agency, publisher, or individual author, you can contact us anytime," said Mark Pritchard, a spokesperson for Primedia eLaunch.

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About the Company: Primedia eLaunch is an ePublishing company dedicated to serving the publication needs of customers worldwide. It exists because of the qualified and experienced professionals who personalize each conversion project based on the needs of the customer.