Raybiztech delivers Intranet Portal to leading Engineering Solutions Company

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Online PR News – 30-November-2012 – Los Angeles – Raybiztech delivers Intranet Portal to leading Engineering Solutions Company
Hyderabad. August 24, 2012. Ray Business Technology today announced releasing of Intranet portal to leading Engineering Solutions Company based out of Bangalore, India. The client, QuEST Global is a leading provider of outsourced engineering solutions to fortune
enterprises worldwide. It provides outsourced engineering services and
manufacturing, and help global companies set up offshore manufacturing units in special economic zones. With a "best-in-class" global leadership team, The client is recognized as one of the largest pure play engineering services player, providing integrated product development and build solutions across the engineering services value chain.

In order to manage its workforce around the globe, The client needed
an enterprise-wide Intranet solution. The planned Intranet was supposed be one point solution for employee information, profiles, blogs, forums, chat and various other forms of collaboration. The solution needed to authenticate users against the Active Directory (AD) and pull the user roles and access privileges from Client’s Oracle HRMS solution and set the proper access roles accordingly.

Ray Business Technologies studied The client’s Intranet requirement and after several brainstorming sessions, they purposed QuEST Global Kentico CMS for the implementation of their Intranet. Kentico Enterprise CMS is a leading provider of Content Management Solution, empowering enterprises to quickly build and deploy Intranet and Internet Solutions.


The client required an Intranet system with blogs, Forums , wikis, news, events, newsletter modules, authentication with Active directory, Access control mechanism based on their employee data table fields, Versioning on documents with workflow, Employee search, Single sign-on in a couple of months with less human resources to build it.

Further, they wanted to have work group collaboration, exporting repeater data into Excel sheet, Web analytics, integrating various third party ‘.net’ application on new Intranet site.


Raybiztech had challenges in updating users on daily basis from the external database, maintaining roles of the users based on the employee database fields that could change on daily basis, Single Sign-on, modifying polls module to have user polled option recorded in the database.


1. Authentication against Active directory: The client needed the user authentication to be done against the Active directory (AD). Raybiztech
searched the user name and password pair in the Active Directory using ‘.net’ API class.

2. Console application to insert users into Database: Getting the users from the Oracle database to Kentico users table is not single time activity as Oracle users data table constantly changes with new joiners and appraisals. The client needed a console application, which has to be scheduled to reflect the changes happened to Oracle user’s table in the Kentico User’s table.

Raybiztech developed a console application, which reads the Oracle user data-table and inserts/ updates the Kentico user and users’ setting table.
We made use of User information provider class to achieve this. The error logalso implemented for the administrator use.

3. Single sign on for Quest applications: The client has more than 40 modules (application) that needed authentication to access the modules , which resides on the different server. So, the client asked for the single sign-on as well as single sign-out for all these application when user log into the Intranet.

Raybiztech created a Session Interface page in the same domain the application are in. Raybiztech also considered security threats while passing the user information.

4. Managing Roles in QuEST Global’s scenario: QuEST Global has the pages, modules with different security mechanism applied on them based
on the Roles. We need to set the user roles based on different criteria’s
depending on their user database fields.

As the users are in thousands and roles are in tens, it was not a feasible idea
to set the user roles form the desk. So, Raybiztech created a table, which
maintains all roles names and the SQL query that fetches the users
for respective Role. They also wrote a console application that reads
the data-table from the database and sets the users to roles. We made use
of the Kentico API to set the users to roles.

5. CEO Letters: The client needed message from CEO to be displayed
on the home page. A document type was created for CEO letters and
messages from CEO letters to be displayed on home page using repeater
6. Events and Holidays: The client wanted to have a clear distinction while showing the Events and Holidays on Intranet. Raybiztech used event
document type and added an extra field 'Type' to the existing event type.
Based on the type of the event entry, they used different colors to
differentiate among the Holidays and Events.

7. News, Blogs and Forums: Access control mechanism was implemented for news, blogs, and forums. Based on the roles the access control mechanism has implemented for news, blogs and forums.

8. Organization: The organization page to show the details of the personnel
along with picture to 3 levels from the top of the organization structure.
In Quest, The different OBU's and Enablers have different criteria to select
the top 3 level organization people. So, Raybiztyech used SQL data source
Webparts, where they could execute the sql query.

9. Site map: Site map page was created for showing all modules and different locations of the organization on the map. Raybiztech created a site map page, which displays the different locations of the organization by using
Google embedded code by providing the longitudes and latitudes of the different location of The client along with the details of the location.

10. World Clock: As The client has the business operations around the globe,it wanted to have a world clock page for the marketing department as well as for the employees. Worldclockserver.com is providing the embed code for showing the world clock in a page. Raybiztech made use of the embed code in a page and achieved the functionality needed.

11. Polls: The client wanted to conduct online poll for employees. They also wanted to store the user name and the option selected by user in the table to see the poll results, which is not directly available in polls module.
The default polls web part uses cookie for storing information. But it's not
storing the information about user and polled option. Raybiztech customized
pollsviewer web part to store user information in the data base. If a user has
polled for a particular item, he can't poll again.

12. Page feedback: The client wanted a page feedback feature on the footer. The feedback could only be seen by the desk administrator. Raybiztech made use of the message board feature here to achieve this.

13. Send URL: The client wanted to have a “send URL/page to a friend” feature on the footer of the Portal. Raybiztech created a form that links to a 'send url' link on the footer. When the user click on the link , it redirects them to the send URL page.

14. Add to my favorite: Raybiztech created a page that links to 'Add2 favorite' link on the footer. When a user click on that link, it will redirect them to “Add to favorite” page, where the user can provide the friendly name for that URL. To achieve this functionality, Raybiztech created a custom Webpart containing two text boxes and a button. The text boxes are used to enter the URL and User Friendly name of the favorite.

15. Employee search: We made use of smart search box, placed on the header of the page for employee search as well as for the content search. When clicking on the search employee icon after entering the data in the text box ,it will redirect to a Employees page. In the Employees page we made use of employee-search filter web part. We customized this web part by adding different fields like OBU, COE and Program for filtering. And also we made use of Data Source and repeater web parts to display the filtered employees.

Key criteria for selecting Kentico CMS

• Building the Intranet site faster with less resources.

• Kentico CMS 6.0 was found to be having more modules that the client asked for after making comparative study of different CMS's available in the market.

• Fast Configurable access control mechanism on blogs, forums, pages, documents.

• Easily maintainable document management system with workflows.

• Content staging option while working with different versions of the hosted site.

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Their main services offerings are:
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