Christian Leadership Gets Back to the Basics

Christian Leadership pulls back from a hectic schedule which results in loss of leadership's focus and returns to biblical basics.

Online PR News – 29-November-2012 – November 27, 2012 - Denver, Colorado – An upcoming christian leadership Conference has taken the biblical approach which encourages church leadership to focus on their personal spiritual health before effective ministry efforts can take place. With that goal in mind, the denver leadership initiative is preparing for its’ first United 2012 Healthy Leadership Conference on December 1, 2012 at Praise Church 3105 W. Florida Avenue in Denver.

This one-day training seminar is focused on beginning and more seasoned ministry leaders from every area and demographic, has the stated goal of both refreshing and re-energizing local and national ministry efforts. With its origins stemming from the DeVos Urban Leadership Training (a leadership development organization), the initiative is guided by a stated principle that only ‘healthy leaders’ can create a ‘healthy body’ of Believers.

In 2004, the DeVos connection allowed Denver Initiative founders Salt Wall and Micah Espinosa to partner with another salient organization, Urban Youth Workers Institute.
When asked what re-energizing ministry leaders meant, Director Micah Espinosa commented – “many ministry leaders are living their lives in isolation, without clarity of purpose or proper training. As a result, they are at risk for certain predictable failures, chief among them being burn-out. This is both a spiritual and physical condition which totally overwhelms ministry efforts and should these ministry leaders not address their own spiritual condition, how can they lead other believers to a place of health? DLI (Denver Leadership Initiative) helps bring focus on biblical leadership principles and when any of us understand who God calls us to be, becoming spiritually healthy is the only way kingdom based results are achieved.”

The upcoming conference is hardly an end to an eventful year which witnessed the graduation of its' first group of leaders but is rather, ongoing training for recent graduates, new students as well as guests. The conference is offering such classes as Fireproof Your Life from Burn-out, Hitting the Mark, Relationship Rescue and others meant to equip attendees for facing a world which has become increasingly difficult towards ministry efforts.

Mr. Espinosa finished with – “the entire body of Christ must be first healthy and then committed to whatever gifting God has given each of us. It isn't about position and title because all Disciples of Christ must perform their function to build the body. This means meeting believers and leaders at their point of need. If none or very few of us aren't maintaining our own spiritual health, there was no way for us to be as effective as we are called to be.”

Further information on the conference is available at the Denver Leadership Initiatives website located at

The Denver Leadership Initiative focuses on building healthy leaders who then guide a healthy body to accomplish the purposes of Jesus Christ.

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