Kindseat: The World's First Fully Adjustable Meditation Seat And Stool Just Launched

The Kindseat is a new lightweight, strong and fully adjustable meditation seat that answers the need for a personalized seat that is comfortable for longer periods of time so that the meditator can sit in the best posture, undistracted by physical discomfort.

Online PR News – 29-November-2012 – November 2012 – The Kindseat was launched at the Triratna Buddhist Order Buddhist Convention this autumn in the UK. It received much acclaim and sold out in two days. Kindseat, the fully adjustable Meditation seat, was developed to answer many a meditator’s question. “Could my seat be more comfortable? How can I change it?” Meditation can become uncomfortable over a period of time if your body has to adapt to the height and angle of a seat that is not right for you - and the adjustment needed may be as little as half an inch. This combined meditation seat and stool can easily be adjusted to suit your body shape and size so that your seat is Kind to you.

The Kindseat is primarily for people who meditate or pray but would also benefit anyone who wants to sit comfortably – especially those who normally suffer from back pain.

It can be used in Kneeling or Cross-legged position owing to the range of possible seat heights. The slope of the seat self-adjusts to follow the meditator’s sitting position. It is truly an Adjustable meditation seat.

The adjustments are easily made, without any tools, and stay in that setting even when the seat is packed for travelling. The Kindseat is lightweight at 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs) yet very strong. It is made from sustainable sourced timber. The Kindseat has it’s own custom designed cushion which won't slide around and is comfortable to the skin. Its distinctive and good-looking oval shape enables a wider sitting stance than a conventional stool and makes cross-legged positions possible. See the video at

Viramitra, inventor of the Kindseat, says, “I had a favourite meditation bench made in beech wood but I had to cut the legs down to suit me as I changed over the years. This design allows you to adjust the height - with no saw needed!”

Bodhipaksa of Wildmind said, “The Kindseat arrived, and I have to say I'm stunned. It's amazingly lightweight and very comfortable. I can even comfortably sit cross-legged on it and I can't sit cross-legged. Not ever. This is going to be my regular meditation bench from now on.” See his full review at

Viramitra says, “I created the Kindseat after being on a retreat and wanted to make a meditation seat that was based on the elegant principles of a suspension bridge; lightweight and strong and then also to have a variable height. – It’s taken me four years to develop it and I’m delighted with the reception it has received. My hope is that meditators using the Kindseat will be enabled to find calm – and develop insight and compassion for the benefit of all.”

Shraddhalocani said, “The Kindseat is a masterpiece of ingenuity solving many of my posture problems when meditating. The alterable height and the various positions it offers has made even day-by-day changes to my sitting posture possible; maybe the weather or some physical discomfort makes me less flexible at times and I can alter the seat easily now I have got the hang of it. The foremost reason I bought seat was to take on a pilgrimage to India with me as it breaks down into manageable, portable pieces; I can imagine sitting on my Kindseat on train platforms as well as in temples and at Bodhgaya under the Bodhi tree !”

Kindseat, the business, is owned by Viramitra, a professional engineer and an ordained Buddhist. He has been meditating for over 30 years and teaching meditation since 1998. The Kindseat is available worldwide through It is also available through selected retailers.

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