Social Media Trends Report Indicates Travel Companies Are Successfully Using Social Media
28 November 2012
TrakTek Partners (, Boston based marketing agency specializing in the Travel & Hospitality sector, announces the release of the Social Media Trends in Travel Report that demonstrates the dependence on social media within the travel industry. The primary findings indicate that social media has allowed travel companies to increase awareness and improve website traffic. 64% of survey respondents indicated that social media has in fact improved their website traffic. "Social media is still relatively new to many small cruise lines and tour operators so we were surprised by the fact that we got a 40% survey response rate among the travel marketing executives we surveyed," says Cyril Lemaire, Managing Partner, TrakTek Partners. "The travel businesses we spoke with understand the relevance of social media to help build awareness and increase sales and the importance of curbing their sales pitch and focusing their content on passenger stories, special promotions and providing value." While companies featured in the report understand the benefits of social media, respondents indicated that they are challenged with a lack of resources to maintain their social media presence. As such, 44% of survey respondents invest only 1-2 hours per week on their social media efforts. Results indicate that Facebook is the more popular social media outlet leading to more time and energy invested in that platform. "Consumers are depending on social media for travel discounts, especially now during the busiest travel days of the year," comments Lemaire. "The report indicates that travel companies are utilizing this platform successfully to share promotions to engaged travelers and seeing real return on their investment." The report was created for a panel at the 2012 International Motor Coach Group Annual Conference. For the complete report, visit