New Book Shines Light on Organizational Shades of Gray

New Book Shines Light on Organizational Shades of Gray
Graymanship: The Management of Organizational Imperfection released by Multi-Dimensional Press

Online PR News – 01-April-2010 – – Where do you draw the line between competent and incompetent? Between ethical and unethical? Get a new and illuminating perspective on such questions in Graymanship: The Management of Organizational Imperfection, by Bob Eddy, recently released by Multi-Dimensional Press in Lake Mary, FL. Unlike other business books that offer glib recipes for success that flop in your shop, Graymanship offers a new perspective and a new way to talk about work that may shatter your “common sense” concepts about how to manage businesses and employees.

Bob Eddy learned long ago that while anyone could teach an employee what to do for his job, very few could teach that employee how to think about his work and his company in the most productive and positive way. Combining his experience in human resources, training and corporate management consulting with his knowledge of general semantics, science and philosophy, he developed Graymanship: The Management of Organizational Imperfection, a handbook that focuses on that more difficult but more rewarding target — teaching people how to think more accurately and productively. The result is a clearly written, frankly stated but gently delivered blueprint for competent living in the business world.

Graymanship presents eleven specific dilemmas that constitute the majority of problems for most businesses: miscommunications, incompetence, disorganization, disruption, disobedience, inequity, disloyalty, politics, unethical behavior, conflict and cynicism. Eddy offers a radical approach to addressing these issues—to change the way we think about them, rather than simply applying “fixes.” Instead of trying to work in a process environment with thing-oriented language, Eddy suggests both a different view of the situation and a different language for talking about it.

“Graymanship works in the world because it reflects the queasy, hard to pin down, flexible reality we live in,” said Bill Conner, retired educational administrator.

Dave Kimball, retired CEO agreed. “It’s professional, persuasive, provocative, surprisingly concise, and very, very readable.”

The 184-page laminated case-bound edition was released March 1, 2010, and is available on Amazon and through popular bookstores. This edition contains updated diagrams and tables and offers extensive references ranging from Wendell Johnson and Bruce Kodish to Marshall McLuhan and Leonard Shlain.

Eddy offers seminars and management training on a variety of topics, including the principles outlined in Graymanship. To contact the author, visit

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