ZumLink.com now also available in Turkish and Polish

The popular service for summarizing several URLs into a single one, is now available in the Turkish and Polish languages.

Online PR News – 01-April-2010 – – Until recently ZumLink has been available in German at www.ZumLink.de and in English at www.ZumLink.com. As a significant number of users have been originating from Turkey and Poland, the service has now been adapted for these two countries. The new versions can be found at www.LinkeGit.com (Turkish) und www.DoLinku.pl (Polish).

ZumLink is a URL shortening service with a crucial feature, which makes it unique compared to other URL shortening services: With ZumLink users can summarize several URLs into one. Using ZumLink people can quickly and easily create a list of URLs and bundle them into one URL. This is a practical service for everybody who would like to share a multitude of links on social networks or blogs using just one link.