(Maricopa,AZ) Officer Martice Berry of EEP fired up about Celebrity protection

It's very disturbing to hear all of the bad publicity today with celebrities.

Online PR News – 01-April-2010 – – The public fascination with high profile celebrities and public figures means inevitable intrusions into privacy. It’s not just the Paparazzi that seek to monitor and record every move. Increasingly cases of directs threat from criminals, kidnappers or extortionists add to the volatile lifestyle of today’s celebrity or high profile individual. Celebrities are often in need of efficient and reliable bodyguards to stay secure from mobs and paparazzi.

"Celebrity security is a balancing act. They are trying to interact with their fans, so they want to be somewhat accessible. At the same time, our role with security is to keep them safe, so we have to bridge a gap between those two things." said Maritce Berry CEO of EEP.

Celebrities by their very nature put themselves out in the world in a way that makes them especially vulnerable. An artist might have two or three bodyguards on them at the Oscars, a movie premier or when on location. Running errands, they may just have one bodyguard. On a daily basis, different celebrities have different security needs. Celebrity protection involves a lot of planning and working with specific personal itinerary.

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