MurGee Softwares launches offering comprehensive information and utilities for Multiple Monitors

Display Software Utility to get better control of your Multiple Monitors. Download Mouse Utilities to simulate mouse clicks or move mouse cursor automatically. Give a try to MurGee Screen Saver which unlike any other ScreenSaver can save your computer screen by turning it off. Download Timer ScreenSaver to display a digital countdown timer , save energy, save computer screen for single or multiple monitors connected to your computer system.

Online PR News – 04-July-2009 – – July 1st 2009

MurGee softwares launched its new website offering comprehensive information on Multiple Monitors, and software utilities for use with Multiple Monitors / Dual Monitors.

The site was released to cater to the home and business segment that could access a database for Multiple Monitors. The website provides easy to follow and complete information about Multiple Monitors which can save time, energy and avoid searching internet and looping to look for the correct information.

The comprehensive information available in the Multiple Monitor section (located at deals with definitions of multiple monitors, traces history, future trends that would be likely, discusses common uses appllicable to multiple monitors. The site talks about display modes available when using multiple monitors and possible uses of connecting other monitors / display devices to a computer, hardware requirements when setting up multiple monitors on desktops and laptops. Multiple Monitor installation procedures for desktops and laptops on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are explained. Apart from discussing advantages, it discusses disadvantages / shortfalls of having multiple monitors with a section on troubleshooting of multiple monitor setups.

MurGeeMon Software Utility for Dual Monitors located at is a software that can be used with dual monitors computer setup can handle identification of monitors, turning off monitors (primary, secondary or both of them altogether) and allows to use different wallpapers for dual monitor computer setup.

Other Software Utilities include Screen saver,Mouse Click, Timer Screen saver and many other useful software utilities.

Murgee ScreenSaver is a screen saver that turns off the screen after detecting inactivity and saves on power bills and the monitor screens and controls tasks of shutdown, hibernation,etc.

Timer Screen saver is a software that displays a digital timer on the primary monitor and can turns off the screen and sending all the connected monitors into power saving mode after the configured time.

mouse click is a software that can be used to automate left click, right click, single or double click with command line parameters. The Software utility can also returns the mouse to its original location after moving the mouse to the target location and initiating the click.

MurGee Home lists all the utilities and comprehensive and free information about using Multiple Monitors, dual display software utility and much more. The Dual display utility MurgeeMon listed can be a really handy and useful utility when having dual display connected to a computer.

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