Long Distance Moving Company in Boston Provides Advice for Moving Out of State
26 November 2012
Humboldt Storage and Moving is the oldest moving company in Boston with over 100 years experience helping people move locally and over long distances. As the largest United Van Lines agent in Boston, they are experts in managing details and expectations to help people have a stress-free moving experience. Humboldt has a realistic approach to long distance moves and has advice on what to expect to make the experience less stressful. Book a date: A long distance move is filled with a multitude of details. To get the ball rolling, determine a date when everything may be packed up and ready to load on a moving truck. Next call an experienced mover to book a moving date. A reputable moving company will work to schedule a date on or near the expected departure time. Expect a delivery window: For long distance relocations moving companies typically give a 7-10 day window of when belongings will arrive at a new residence. The date and time goods will be delivered is based on size and delivery area. An experienced moving company will aim to meet the preferred date of arrival to accommodate movers and typically narrow in on a specific day and time as the delivery date draws nearer. Plan ahead: It is best to prepare to be without personal goods for 7-10 days during a long distance move. Keep essentials, enough clothing and everyday items handy instead of packing them at this time. Planning to be without items for a 7-10 day window will make the moving process go smoother and eliminate frustration and stress. Knowing what to expect during a long distance move is half the battle. Coordinating with an experienced and reputable moving company will make the process much easier. More on what to expect in a long distance move can be found in this educational how to video: http://www.movingcompanyblog.com/?p=965