Brain League Launches Working of Patent Services

At Brain League, we understand that filing statement of working for granted patents is more than a mere formality requirement.

Online PR News – 31-March-2010 – – At Brain League, we understand that filing statement of working for granted patents is more than a mere formality requirement. Statement of working filing is one of those critical requirements during the life span of a patent which may determine whether a compulsory license should be granted for a particular patented invention or not. Laxity in filing such statements may ultimately result in invalidation of a granted patent. A critical balance has to be struck while drafting the statement of working with respect to the disclosure in the statement and confidentiality of the information.

Considering the needs of the clients with respect to the statement of working Brain League offers the following services:

· Strategizing and Drafting statement of working for granted Indian Patents.

· Filing Statement of Working for granted Indian Patents.

· Tracking Deadlines for filing Statement of Working

Why Brain League?

Expertise in Technology, Management and Law:

Brain League brings about a fusion of expertise in technology, management and law that is required to draft a well-structured statement of working. We understand issues such as what kind of information to be disclosed in the statement in light of restrictions such as confidential information, obligation not to disclose etc. Our approach is to work in close nexus with the client in order to make sure that the client understands every word that goes into the statement of working. Being IP licensing and technology transfer experts we have an in depth understanding of what kind of information may be included in the statement in light of the obligations created due to such agreements.

Tracking of Deadline

Brain League is the only company that offers an online tracking and management system for portfolio management. We attach so much importance to on time submissions that we have created proprietary software known as BLone for automated tracking of deadlines. The system not only generates automatic alerts but also allows the flexibility to configure alerts to suit specific requirements.

Dedicated team for Portfolio Management

In addition to an online tracking system we have a dedicated team of experts for handling IP portfolios of clients. Once the case is handed over to us we make sure that the clients are updated about the upcoming deadlines and documents are filed as per the legal requirements.

Strong experience in handling IP portfolios

Our team of highly qualified IP experts has been handling huge portfolios of clients across the world. Our core expertise lies in understanding the current practices at the Indian Patent Office and other patent offices.