Fantasy Adventure on Amazon Kindle, Book 1 Divided Realms from the World of Aarabassa

Be introduced to a new fantasy world from a new author in the UK. Her first book has been released by Amazon as a kindle version. Available NOW

Online PR News – 25-November-2012 – Leeds UK – 'Just another Indie author publishing her works,' I hear you say. Well Catherine Vickers works are certainly worth a read. Her characters come alive and become people that you know and love. Her plots are addictive with many sub plots to keep us entertained throughout this tale. She has written 160k words in Book 1, that's not a bad achievement for a new writer. Every word brings a new adventure.

The World of Aarabassa is a whole new Fantasy world set in a trilogy where one half is dark the other is in constant sunlight. A magic barrier divides the darker characters out of the Lightlands.Book 1, Divided Realms is worth a read as we follow the destiny of four young people living their ordinary lives which changes almost overnight. The youngest, Prince Raphael, thought to die young through illness, is kidnapped by the evil Emperor of the Dark Side of Aarabassa. His ransom is Heather, the Changeling and key to enabling his vamplin army to enter the Light Lands once he has used the Fire Giant to destroy the Magic Wall. Prince Leon and Prince Amos must travel the realms to unite the People of the Light Lands in readiness for a battle to stop the evil Monshaad Emperor from destroying the Magic Wall. Dragons, Dwarves, Centaurs and many a creature will fight for the continuation of their races.

We have a whole new fantasy world with new creatures such as Huphins, very similar to Mermaids. Plus we have creatures of old such as Dwarves and Dragons. Exciting plot with enigmatic characters each following their own sub plots.

Download this now onto your kindle and you'll soon be awaiting eagerly for more from this very talented author.