R. P. Sharpe Explores the Joy Potential of a Temporary Job to a Longtime Unemployed Worker

The author has the ability to deliver some very sage advice and life changing concepts without the reader feeling like they are being lectured to and without feeling like they are reading another of the thousands of “self-help” books written by “spiritual gurus".

Online PR News – 25-November-2012 – Myrtle Beach/SC – Author Robert Sharpe weaves a tale of self-discovery that is relevant to currect times and contains universal principles that are timeless in his new book, Joy Potentiual: Where You'd Least Expect It. It's a story about a longtime unemployed middle-aged worker forced to take a temporary graveyard shift job, a job done 20 years ago, in order to pay the bills.

During the week-long assignment the character overcomes fearful expectations and discovers the Joy Potential in each moment. The story examines the effect fear and negative patterning has in one's life and the importance of the living in the present moment, making better choices that improve our life experience. Throughout the assignment the character moves from a place of questioning one's worth, down a path where their hobby, Internet-based radio becomes a major source of Joy Potential.

Robert drew inspiration from the several hundred radio shows he has hosted and dozens of authors interviewed. The story unfolded over a nine month period with the plot and characters revealed on his daily morning walks.

R. P. Sharpe is the Founder of BITEradio.me – Bringing Inspiration To Earth radio. Established in 2010, BITEradio.me was created to provide a source of positive programming designed to enlighten and entertain. A former corporate trainer, R. P. Sharpe has more than 25 years experience in the study of metaphysics and more than 10 years radio experience both broadcast and Internet-based.

This is Robert's first book. He currently resides in Myrtle Beach, SC.