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At the heart of revitalization is making a brand stand for something bigger than the company, product or service it represents. What makes companies successful is profit but what makes brands powerful is acceptance.

Online PR News – 24-November-2012 – Winston-Salem, NC – Woodbine is an advertising agency that is focused on articulating the essence of a brand for a business, and doing so in a way that will captivate potential clients and customers. Their main goal is to breathe new life into brands, that have lost their way, or have been unable to capitalize on the potential that they have. The utilize a number of different resources in order to do so, including digital means, and Internet marketing, to help revitalize brands and grow companies. The full breadth of their services include brand revitalization, digital and social solutions for their customers, devising brand strategy moving forward, optimizing and maximizing the length in which a company's media dollars and services take them, a full creative team with imaginative ideas, and public relations management for companies looking to improve their image among the public.

Woodbine has completed work for a number of large companies, using a variety of different mediums including broadcast, digital, print and outdoor advertising, brand identity, as well as guerrilla advertising. Their huge portfolio showcases excellent work for a variety of companies, utilizing different advertising platforms. With the goal of revitalizing brands paramount to the success of Woodbine, they take on only customers whose companies they are passionate about, and excited to work with.

Woodbine was originally founded in 1985, and is a brand revitalization agency. Woodbine measures their success by the tangible results that are observable in their clients. It is a company that thrives on its creative ideas, and ability to take the pieces of a brand, and put it together for a full and complete picture. Woodbine strives to create long-term relationships with their clients, instead of one-off types of services. They have helped dozens of businesses in North Carolina and around the United States to revitalize their brand, rejuvenate their customer base, and run effective advertising campaigns for individual services that they offer. The beautifully designed website is a testament to the creative team that Woodbine makes available to their clients.

Beyond the typical daily work, Woodbine is a company made up of volunteers, coaches, mentors, and board members throughout the community. They understand that giving back to the community, particularly in the Winston-Salem North Carolina area, is an important part of establishing themselves as the premier advertising agency in the area.

Woodbine makes it is easy as possible for prospective clients to get in touch with them, offering a "Start a Conversion" link on their website which allows you to give them your full name, information about your company, and allows you to give a short description of exactly how you believe that Woodbine can help your business to grow.

The heart of any good advertising campaign is having a solid understanding of the brand, and being able to identify areas of the brand that could be used as a selling point, or require improvements or rejuvenation.

Woodbine - North Carolina Advertising Agencies are among the premier advertising agencies in the North Carolina area. For more information please visit: http://www.woodbine.com

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