Adds Poison Ivy Soap To Their Product Line
03/31/2010, a leading supplier of homeopathic medicine, introduces poison ivy soap to their product line

Online PR News – 31-March-2010 – – Charlotte, NC ( Onlineprnews ) March 31, 2010 -, a leading supplier of homeopathic medicine, introduces poison ivy soap ( to their product line. The poison ivy rash is extremely contagious. Many people can get poison ivy by simply touching clothes that were exposed to poison ivy. Poison Ivy plants resides in shrubs with little to no sun light. People that have to work outdoors find that they need products to help combat this type of rash. Poison Ivy Soap is used by many people to help fight poison ivy outbreaks.

This soap is made by the Poison Ivy Soap company. The Poison Ivy Soap company specializes in developing a soap to help fight poison ivy rashes. This soap contains jewelweed, spring water and saponified animal oil. This product helps remove the urushiol oil from your skin. Urushiol oil is an invisible oil that causes the poison ivy rash and itch. Once the urushiol is washed away, the itching and redness disappear. Many outdoor users also use this poison soap like regular soap. After being in poison ivy leaves all day, outdoor users wash their body with poison ivy soap to potentially help stop any outbreak before it starts. Hmedicine has a wide range of poison ivy products including rhus tox ( pills and poison ivy lotion ( The poison ivy soap is the perfect compliment to the current poison ivy offerings.


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