Similiar's EVILog 5: An Infailable Plan Just Released

The webseries Similiar & Familiar releases the fifth EVILog in preparation for the series launch and it appears that this time, our evil villain may have gotten it right!

Online PR News – 26-November-2012 – AKERSTROM – Similiar Scumgullian, the world’s most beloved, yet least successful, Evil Villain from the Webseries “Similiar & Familiar” has posted his final EVILog in preparation for the webseries official launch. The evil genius has created his most “infailable” plan which is sure to strike fear into the hearts of all of the citizens of Akerstrom!

“The evil genius that it took to create such a contraption for something as evil as the Discombobulator-lator is without comprehension by most,” expelled Similiar Scrumgullian, truly the world’s most misunderstood Evil Villain and main character from the webseries Similiar & Familiar ( “The painstaking hours it took to create such a device will be worth it once Akerstrom is finally annihilated!”

It goes without saying that no other evil villain in history has ever attempted to destroy a town with a device as sinister as the Discombobulator-lator. It’s also worth noting that no other evil villain in history has shown themselves to be brazen enough to use such a simple and common device to encapsulate such power before either.

“Understanding the true evil genius it took to turn something as simple and non-menacing as a shoe into such a powerful weapon as the Discombobulator-lator is something Evil Vegetable Familiar just cannot fathom!” frothed Similiar Scrumgullian. “It’s no surprise that as usual, Evil Vegetable Familiar simply sat there criticizing the development of the Discombobulator-lator every step of the way, but we’ll see who is the true evil genius with amass vision once the town of Akerstrom drops to its collective knees out of sheer terror at the awesomeness of the power of the Discombobulator-lator!”

As the impending date of the official launch of the Similiar & Familiar webseries and almost certain doom for the town of Akerstrom approaches, questions around the loyalty of Evil Vegetable Familiar are starting to circle. Many evil insiders feel that perhaps the decaying vegetable doesn’t have what it takes to stand with the likes of such an evil force as Similir Scrumgullian.

Unfortunately, only time will tell if the naysayers are indeed right about Evil Vegetable Familiar and his lack of evil vision and loyalty or if the latest plan for the undoing of the town of Akerstrom will be successful. The only way to know for sure is to continue following the story of the world’s most beloved, yet least successful, evil villain Similiar Scrumgullian through the webseries Similiar & Familiar. All of Similiar’s EVILogs and continuous updates on the series launch can be found at

About Balthazaar Media - The Creators of Similiar & Familiar:
The Similiar & Familiar fantasy webseries is the masterful creation of Balthazaar Media’s Wendi Graham and Noah Norton. The webisodes are lead by lead actor David Smyth, who plays the charming and quirky main character Similiar Scumgullian the evil villain sure to capture your heart and have you rooting for him in the end!

The Similiar EVILogs have been created as a behind-the-scenes look at Similiar and his road to evil villain history, which can be seen in the upcoming webseries, “Similiar & Familiar.”

And to the town of Akerstrom- as it is a fictitious place- Balthazaar Media would like to state that all fictitious residents are encouraged to relax and rely in the knowledge that no evil plot has actually been formed and that all characters portrayed in this webseries, much like the townspeople of Akerstrom, are all fictitious in nature.

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