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Medical Billing India (MBI) offers specialize medical billing coding and claim processing services to healthcare professionals, clinics, hospitals helping save time, efforts, and cost to manage revenue cycle & medical practice well. Get a FREE QUOTE.

Online PR News – 24-November-2012 – Omaha, NE – Medical Billing India (MBI),is a professionals medical billing, coding and insurance claim processing company offering hassle free, accurate and time medical billing and coding services for timely and correct reimbursement for the medical practices. If you are seeking easy and affordable services then do visit to get a FREE QUOTE on

Why Medical Billing India is perfectly Suited Destination for All Outsourced Medical Billing and Coding Projects?

• Talented, passionate and certified team of professionals
• Over 17+ billing and coding experience
• Thousands of successfully completed projects
• Updated knowledge and skills on new regulations
• Proven expertise of increasing cash flow up to 20-25%
• HIPAA compliance data security and privacy measures
• Expertise in collections and revenue cycle management
• Customer driven billing and coding services
• Ability and efficiency to handle multiple priorities at a time
• Round the clock supports for physicians, clinics and healthcare people
• Well aware about countries, states, healthcare insurance terms and types
• Best practice of CPT-4, ICD-9, and HCPCS coding etc

Services Offered:

• Physician Billing
• Insurance Billing
• Medical Coding Services
• Medical Coding and Claims
• Medical Billing and Claims
• Electronic Medical Billing
• Physicians billing service
• Clinical billing and coding
• Healthcare billing and coding
• Med-care billing and coding
• And more

Medical Billing India efficiently provides its services to 500 medical practices to global clients at least and affordable prices with complete work satisfaction and track record of improving cash flow up to 20-25%.

Healthcare and medical professionals, clinics, hospitals and doctors need to deliver world class services to communities of people which demands highest level of skill set, expertise and time. And revenue cycle management and billing coding procedures need devoted time. Bigger the medical practice you have the more hassle need to bear for correct, quick and timely reimbursements.

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