Enviro Dangers Recommends that Rental Tenants Hire Independent & Unbiased Mold & Germ Inspection

Rental tenants should arrange for their own independent mold inspection and mold testing to discover whether their rental unit is dangerous because of tenants' exposure to elevated levels of toxic mold.

Online PR News – 24-November-2012 – MESA, ARIZONA – Apartment, house, and commercial space tenants often become very ill because of unknown and undisclosed exposure to elevated levels of toxic mold, household mold, bacterial infestation, and offensive and unhealthy odors in their rental units, according to Enviro Dangers.

Because many landlords are not concerned about their property’s mold and environmental dangers to tenants, if a tenant suspects that he or she is living or working in a mold, germ, or odor-infested apartment, residence, condominium, office, or retail store, the tenant will only know the true mold, germ, and odor risks of his or her rental unit by hiring a Certified Environmental Hygienist or Certified Mold Inspector to do thorough mold, germ, and odor inspection of the rental unit.

Most landlords will not pay for the mold and environmental inspection and testing of their rental properties. If they do hire mold and environmental inspection and testing, almost all landlords will not share the written report and mold and bacteria lab results with tenants. In addition, many mold and environmental inspectors will distort and corrupt how they do rental property mold and environmental inspection and testing to minimize adverse, reported lab results.

Serving all of southern California, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Arizona, and the USA nationwide, Certified Environmental Hygienists and Certified Mold Inspectors Phillip Fry, Divine Fry, and Hank Taylor do complete mold, germ, and odor inspection and testing of rental units on behalf of both tenants and health-oriented landlords.

The mold inspectors use high-tech inspection tools such as a forensic-grade ultra violet light to find germ infestation, plus moisture meter, hygrometer (for measuring indoor humidity levels), air pump with Air-O-Cell testing cassettes, and his 24 years of environmental inspection experience to find mold problems inside rooms, attics, basements, crawl spaces, and heating/cooling equipment and ducts.

For more information on getting honest mold inspection of your southern California, Las Vegas, Arizona, or nationwide USA rental unit, please visit the websites www.moldmen.com and www.moldexpertconsultants.com, phone Hank toll-free at 800-750-7688, or the Frys at 480-310-7970, or email moldmen@att.net or phil@moldinspector.com.