BM Coach Hire starts 60-% Off for Travel, Tours and discount summer holidays 2010

BM Coach Hire London has introduced 60-% off deal on all travel, tours, holidays and specially on summer holidays 2010, Budget travel, tours and holidays is what normally travelers and tourists look for and we are here to provide them with cheaper travel, tours and holidays services says John Laws, the company secretary

Online PR News – 31-March-2010 – – John Laws
London UK

BM Coach Hire London which is a full services travel, tours, holidays and even transportation and logistics firm has introduces new Cheap Travel And Tours and even summer holidays 2010 packages which are 60-% off than last year tells John Law, The Company secretary

John said, last year’s our prices has been 10-% less than any other travel, tours and holidays companies here in London UK and we have normally served around 6500+ travelers, tourists and holiday makers which has been traveling down to UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and even Europe and as we have already introduced 60-% off last minute deal on all travel, tours and Holidays 2010 I can safely say our prices are nearly 45-% less than any other travel and tour companies

John added, new travel, tours and holidays packages are all inclusive from airport pickup from UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and even from European Airports , hotel booking in luxury any star hotels, let me tell you BM Coach hire is the only travel and tours company which has partnership with European’s both cheap hotels as well as the most renowned hotels in industry that means using BM Coach Hire travel and tours service can help you get cheap hotels in UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and even Europe nearly 25-% less than you pay the hotel

The said travel, tours and summer holidays 2010 package has with all a traveler and tourist need from Airport Pickup to Airport Transfer , hotel transfer, city tours, guided tours, sightseeing tours, beach tours, ski holidays, scuba diving, wine tours and so on, this new travel offer has everything you need from your home to back home and looking at number of benefits, cheap prices for these travel and tour packages I am personally thinking of hiring one of these packages for summer holidays 2010, John added, BM Coach hire has also enabled custom made Travel and tour packages that means you can let us provide you a complete travel and tour package matching your budget

As BM Coach Hire is not just a travel, tours and Holiday Company but a group of travel, transportation, logistics and hotels, you can simply get the best out of our new travel, tours and summer holidays 2010 deals, tells John

John confirmed this new hot travel, tours and holidays deal also include free coach hire, minibus hire, limo hire and car hire that means you can personally drive to any sights, monuments and other famous places in your respective cities or countries you are traveling in or simply our chauffeurs will be up all times to provide you free transportation services to any of your desired sights, be it day trips, theme parks, corporate events and even group tours

If you wish to read more about BM Coach Hire Limited London UK or even their coach hire, Minibus Hire , limo hire and even Car Hire , Airport Pickup and airport transfer service simply visit their website – their website includes a worth amount of information about travel, tours, Holidays , short trips, budget summer holidays, European tours and trips and about transportation and logistics, call for details at +442088487711 or email at

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