Tea Tree Oil Soap and Kojic Acid Cream Releases its Black Friday Discounts

Skin care specialists Tea Tree Oil Soap and Kojic Acid Cream gives back by offering big discounts and freebies starting on Black Friday.

Online PR News – 24-November-2012 – November 23, 2012, Newport Beach Alaska – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - 23 November 2012 -Skin care specialists Tea Tree Soap and Kojic Acid Cream gives back by offering big discounts and freebies for Black Friday. Their best selling pimple fighting and skin whitening beauty products are now up for grabs at very low prices starting November 23, 2012.

Black Friday is traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season immediately following Thanksgiving Day. And to jumpstart this season, affiliate companies Kojic Acid Cream and Tea Tree Oil Soap are giving you a lot of reasons to be merry. The two skin care specialists are now in tandem to give the best skin care product combinations to their users

Tea Tree Oil Soap is one of the most popular natural beauty soaps in the market. This amazing antibacterial soap is a multifunctional soap that is suitable for acne, skin infections, body odor, or any skin ailments that need antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial treatment like cuts, skin bites, athlete’s foot, dermatitis and more. This popular product actively gets rid of dirt, dead skin cells and eliminates the bacteria that cause acne and inflammation plus it keeps skin supple and smooth with its moisturizing features.

As a bonus, Tea Tree Oil Soap is giving out freebies for its buyers! Buy two bars and get one free, buy three bars and get two free and buy four bars and get four bars absolutely free! A great treat for all, not only will your skin be cleansed, blemish free and smoother, it is also economical and light on the pocket. Avail now by following this link .

If Tea Tree Oil Soap is a great cleansing antibacterial soap, Kojic Acid Cream by Professional Skincare Formula is the perfect skin whitening and dark spot eliminator. This beauty product is a leading Asian performer when it comes to transforming dark skin into fair and glowing skin. Kojic Acid as its main active ingredient acts as a melanin inhibitor and by minimizing the production of melanin found in the skin a lighter skin is developed by regular use. Dark spots, freckles, blemishes, acne scars and other pigmentation problems are a thing of the past with Kojic Acid Cream.

Just use Kojic Acid Cream’s Contact Us Page to avail for the discount, put in "Black Friday Discount" as the subject. Lighter skin at a low, low price is now within your reach through Kojic Acid Cream.

Use the two products in tandem and a lighter, blemish free and glowing skin in yours, guaranteed! Watch out for the special skin care packages by Kojic Acid Cream and Tea Tree Soap, for more information visit
and for announcements.


KojicAcidCream.Org delivers the best skin whitening and dark spot eliminator through Kojic Acid Cream by Professional Skincare Formula to the market.

With Kojic Acid Cream as its active ingredient, production of melanin in the body is reduced thus resulting in a lighter and more even skin tone. It is suitable to be used on all dark spot areas like knees, elbows, underarms, inner thigh and more. It can also eliminate acne scarring, lightens freckles and other pigmentation problems. Achieve lighter, younger and cleaner looking skin though Kojic Acid Cream.

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Tea Tree Oil Soap offers the best antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic soap in the market. This multi-functional soap is the best treatment for acne and pimples and other skin ailments. It also has a great moisturizing property that gives the skin a suppler and softer feel. Aside from its many benefits it is also economical. For a glowing and smoother skin, use Tea Tree Oil Soap.