Value Added Services Provided by RGB Printings

RGB Printings always try to offer most competitive rates for its valuable users, but never compromised on high quality of services.

Online PR News – 24-November-2012 – Woodbridge – In the world of online printing, RGB Printings has made its good name by constantly offering reliable and effective online printing services. RGB Printings always try to offer most competitive rates for its valuable users, but never compromised on high quality of services. To make its printing turnaround very quick and affordable, the company has acquired technologically advanced and state of the art printing machines. Aside from the standard printing services of RGB Printings, the company also offers various value added services for its customers. This is to make a good will among customers and to keep a perfect competitive edge.

Free Designing

The major problem of most of the marketers is that they are unable to get a perfect design for their marketing campaign. This ultimately hampers the success of marketing campaign. Most of them do not even care about the design while rest does not find a better option. The most important thing in a marketing campaign is the design of its content and material. Without eye-catching and attractive design, no one will be attracted, making all efforts go in vein. To help the people save their money on useless campaigns, RGB Printings has started offering free designing services. Now any marketer or business owner who is in need to get his things printed, they can easily get the free designing services. With RGB Printings’ high quality print, customer can get free designing services. At RGB Printings, there are highly expert and experienced designers who have a knack for designing artistic things. For your next marketing campaign, you do not have to take pains, just contact RGB Printings and float your idea while leaving rest to the experts.

Free Lamination

In online services or products, the main problem is that there are too much things that can be easily disguised. Most of the online printing companies unlike RGB Printings do offer competitive rates but they do not clearly explain the process through which your order has to go through. Mostly, they ask for shipping charges, designing charges, lamination charges, etc. while closing the order. However, RGB Printings on other hand offers cheap and competitive rates, but also offers value added services that no other online printing company offers. Free Lamination is one of the expensive things. Lamination helps your printed material to have a long life as a transparent sheet is laminated over the print to protect its color and quality. Most of the companies demand cheap rates but skip the lamination process that really affects your campaign as the print gets damaged or faded too easily and quickly. At RGB Printings, high quality lamination sheet is used to make the print endure constant sunlight and rain. The company always thrives to make its services and products out of the world.

Free Proofreading

Most of the online printing companies simply print what customer says, without pointing out any mistake or problem because they do not want to take extra hassle and just looking for selling their services. However, RGB Printings always take customer’s order as of some dear one and dedicates full powers to make that thing superb. Special proofreading team of RGB Printings fully goes through every order and notifies the customer if any changes are advised. RGB Printings really care about its customers and only advice the customers for a change, if the customer does not feel wanting any change, then the company happily proceeds. Besides, RGB Printings also show a sample of print to its customer before going for final print. If any change is desired at last moment, company feels happy to make it.

Free Shipment

When ordering any product from online businesses, they take a huge amount of charges as shipment dues and taxes like VAT. These are the strategies used to attract people by displaying cheap product prices and then adding other hidden charges at the end. RGB Printings is one of very few companies who have no hidden charges. The company tends to keep all charges transparent. While ordering at RGB Printings, its customers have to pay NO extra charges. The company proudly offers free delivery on all kinds of products. Many businesses are offering free shipment but to very selected regions, for places other than that, they cut charges. RGB Printings is offering free shipment all around the world. Now it does not matter whether you live in America, Australia, Asia or Europe, you can get RGB Printings at your doorstep free of cost.

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RGB Printings does not want its valuable customers to remain in dark. Therefore, we clear off the notions and throw light on the fact that every individual who needs some kind of marketing for his business or project can have custom printed stickers. It does not matter, who you are or in what phase your business is, you can easily design any kind of custom Stickers like logo sticker, Personalized Sticker, embossed stickers, promotional stickers, etc.