New Wireless Network Installation Services Provided By The Atlantic Cabling Company

There are new wireless network installation services being provided by the popular Atlantic Cabling company.

Online PR News – 23-November-2012 – Teddington, England – The Atlantic Cabling company is now providing a new type of service, wireless network installations. In the past, they primarily specialized in wired installations, involving complex cabling. Today, they have expanded their services into the wireless market, specializing in Wi-Fi technology and lots of other wireless networks. If you need to have something wireless installed at your place of business or even your home, you can contact the Atlantic cabling company to receive professional and responsive help. They also provide a wide variety of other services, including home entertainment installations, security system installations, home office installations and commercial installations as well.

Wireless networks are essential to universal connectivity

If you want everyone at your place of business or home to be able to connect to the Internet, then you need a wireless network. Wireless networks are the only type of technology that can provide you this type of functionality. They offer you a unique opportunity to set up a connection that any laptop or even desktop computer with a network card can connect to. The problem is, setting up Wi-Fi networks can be complicated. Atlantic Cabling makes it easier because their services are highly professional and are much needed by consumers. If you don't want to deal with the hassle of working with routers, modems and all sorts of other network products, Atlantic Cabling can do the job for you under a quick turnaround time. If you have just recently moved into a new home or business, this is a great opportunity to get the job done quick.

Atlantic Cabling is even providing free consultations on their wireless network installations!

In case you are not too keen to the idea of hiring a company before you have a chance to talk with them, Atlantic Cabling is now providing free consultations for their wireless network services. If you have a business or home office where you need a wireless network with Wi-Fi access installed, you can talk to their network professionals and find out about how much the job will cost and when they can get it done. This is essential to making sure that the company meets all of your requirements and will do a good job during the process. Fortunately, Atlantic Cabling has a wide variety of experience with many different types of cabling projects. They have worked on many other types of things, throughout commercial, industrial and even home industries installing things like CCTV Security Systems.

Your wireless network will be set up within a day!

Setting up a Network Cable Installation usually doesn't take Atlantic Cabling very long. They can typically set up a wireless network within a day, allowing you to get on the Internet through the Wi-Fi connection the day of your installation. They have professional experience to get in and get out as quick as possible, while still ensuring that the job has been completed to a high quality standard. They will give you helpful information that teaches you how to run the Wi-Fi connection and ensure that that it properly stays connected throughout the months and even years ahead. For more details please visit