The generation game: Is your training style equipped to manage today’s talent?

C.B.Learning’s John Peterson talks about the benefits of tech’s ‘Generation Y.’

Online PR News – 23-November-2012 – Birmingham – In the next few years, Generation (or ‘Gen’) Y will be climbing ever higher up the career ladder and with them comes a fresh new set of requirements. What makes online training ideal for this new generation and how can it be used to develop talent within the ‘new’ workforce?

Like it or not, ‘the times, they are a-changin’, and those fresh-faced, tech-savvy young employees are reaching top-level positions, and making the decisions that count. For a generation that grew up using computers, and interacting over social media, traditional training methods just won’t cut it anymore.

So what makes Gen Y tick? First and foremost, they are very well versed in technology, and are usually are more comfortable carrying processes out on a computer than off it. Information is better digested if it is concise and to the point.

An effective online learning package ideally caters for the learning styles of the next generation of workers. Its interactivity in the form of video, image and audio-led courses makes training highly engaging. The training can be accessed anywhere at any time, through a learner’s existing browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE etc.). The experience is flexible and requires no previous learning or new skills.

In-browser learning systems are a sure-fire way to nurture the talent development of technology-focused employees with specific and engaging training materials, which are compatible with smartphones and can be accessed online via the cloud. The next generation of employees will be more motivated to learn if they can complete modules and revise for exams using technology that is integral to their day-to-day lives.

Another benefit of online learning packages is that they are never out of date as new e-book releases and courses can be added straight away. This will be particularly appealing for young employees, who have grown up with a vast range of instantly accessible information at their fingertips.

The resources offered by C.B. Learning cover a vast range of learning solutions. As industry experts, we can select the best resources for your needs, and can deliver specific online learning that works, either individually or as a part of a package. To see what C.B. Learning can offer you in terms of online learning resources, visit

Did you know?

John Peterson, Business Development Manager at C.B.Learning will be attending the HR Directors’ Business Summit on 22 and 23 January 2013. Talk to C.B. Learning at the event about developing talent within your business and the impact that online training can have on motivation and performance in the modern working environment.